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Only 1 Make It: Football & Soccer Signing Day

Indeed, only a small fraction, 1-2%, of aspiring athletes make it to the collegiate level.

Many times only 1 or less on a team will make it to the D1 level. On this football and soccer signing day, we watched Saleh Dillard, whose journey embodies a different measure of success. Her infectious joy on the soccer field speaks volumes.

Beginning her soccer odyssey with us in 8th grade, Saleh's dedication has culminated in a D1 soccer commitment to Jackson State after four years of relentless effort.

Our platform offers comprehensive soccer training and competitive opportunities accessible from virtually anywhere. Starting with fundamental dribbling techniques, players progress through a structured curriculum covering close control dribbling, passing, striking, and ultimately mastering advanced skills in all areas.

Attaining level 3 proficiency across our courses signifies technical mastery akin to elite college programs.

Discover the success stories of elite college players and professional athletes who honed their skills through our 5 and 10-week at-home training courses during their formative years. Visit to learn more.

For valuable soccer/football tips and tricks, check out our blog at

Are you curious about your own football/soccer abilities? Get a complimentary skills assessment at

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