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How Should You Train For Soccer?

You need to do 3 things.

First, get a plan on how to train on your own at home. As you already know, this is the only way to get technical skills.

Second, get a good soccer coach.

Third, join competitive small-group training sessions whenever you can.

This combination is the master key that unlocks incredible potential in the majority of middle and high school soccer players.

Watch the video below of some of our youngest players who are getting this kind of training now. You'll see some cool passing techniques, working off the ball, and taking chances.

We also paired these young players with a great high schooler to increase the competition!

After the video, read on to get more details on how best to accomplish these 3 steps.

The first step is the easiest to do. Captain Elite has the best online soccer training courses. You'll have the best plan possible to train on your own to get better at home. If you didn't know this, you can go here to learn more:

The second step is that you need to have a team coach who rewards players for taking chances and who teaches you new things. This soccer coach will be more concerned with your technical development than winning games and will also encourage you and other players to work on your own at home to get better.

If you don't have this kind of coach, don't be afraid to look for another. A good coach is key in your journey to becoming the best player you can be.

The third and final step is to look around for some small group soccer pickup sessions you can join. It could be a neighborhood game, at a local school, or even at a friend's house. Call a few friends to come over and train together because these types of sessions are important. You don't need a coach to lead it. Just get out there, have fun, and take chances. These times are when you can use what you're learning at home and translate it to the field.

Email us to learn more:

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