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In over 40 years, I've never seen a soccer training program as effective as Captain Elite‘s 10-week training. I’ve seen the incredible results in players we’ve recruited in the US and Europe. If you’re a youth player with aspirations to play at a higher level, now is the time to take advantage of Captain Elite’s online programs.

- Anson Dorrance, UNC, Winningest Collegiate Coach in History

Our online soccer training includes dribbling, first touch & passing, and striking

June training is closed. Enroll in our next 10-week soccer training course opening soon.

Our courses teach your kids how to play soccer

Video-based soccer training courses proven to be 130x more effective than other training methods

High performance team environment for continued encouragement and motivation from training manager and teammates

Master coach provides personalized technical instruction and corrections for every player at a level that most soccer coaches don't have the time or knowledge to give

Interactive goal-setting technology and feedback to help players optimize their grit, work ethic, and ball skill improvement

Personalized training courses that help players build skills that translate to the game of soccer and beyond, like mental toughness, grit, and confidence

Leaderboards so players can compete with each other across the country in our dribbling, first touch, passing, and shooting soccer drills

Why our soccer courses outperform all others


Our online soccer training is proven to be 130x more effective than other individual training


Our players have more fun, stay more committed to their goals, and train with us for longer than other online and in-person soccer training options  


To see the same results, soccer players would spend ~$2000 for 40 private lessons, or over $300 on other, less effective online options to reach their goals


Training Course Categories

First, click on the general category below.

After payment, select Beginning or Advanced courses when you register the player


New players U9-U11 select Close Control Dribbling and register in Dribbling Fundamentals

New players U11+ select and register in Close Control Dribbling

Suggested training course progression

Skill Stages


Stage 1: Fundamental

Stage 2:

Elite Youth

Stage 3: Collegiate

Follow this progression of training courses for optimal development, graduating each program at a minimum score or higher to move onto more advanced ones

Descriptions of online soccer training courses we offer

Junior Courses


Dribbling Fundamentals

This course is designed for recreational, youth academy, and first-year travel players between the ages of 8 and 10. Dribbling Fundamentals introduces players to our high-performance training, and helps them lay the technical and mental groundwork they'll need to tackle our courses for older, more experience players. Every soccer player should start by learning to play with the ball at their feet, so this course is designed to teach players the basics of forwards and lateral dribbling in tight spaces. Important note: Players at this age will almost always need a lot of hands-on attention from parents to be successful. the Junior Courses are designed to teach players, but also to help parents understand how they can play the crucial roles of positive reinforcer, accountability partner, and support system at home for their young athletes.


Ideal ages 8-10

First Touch & Passing Fundamentals

Coming soon!


Ideal ages 8-10

Foundational Courses


Close Control Dribbling

Wish your players could dribble their way out of pressure or beat their opponents in 1v1 situations? The Close Control Dribbling high performance course covers these fundamental ball skills in soccer. All field players should start by learning to play with the ball at their feet. The CCD program teaches players to dribble forward and laterally in tight spaces.


Ideal ages 9+

First Touch and Passing

The most important skill in soccer is first touch - this skill sets players up for success every time they receive the ball and want to make a play. After completing the First Touch and Passing high performance course, players will be able to receive the ball from any direction, on the ground or in the air, and play a quality pass to their teammates at various distances. If you want your soccer players to be able to keep possession and set each other up to score goals, enroll them in First Touch and Passing today!


Ideal for ages 10+

Striking and Ball Manipulation

Every player on the field wants to score goals, but they often lack proper shooting technique. After completing or testing out of Close Control Dribbling and First Touch and Passing, players are eligible to enroll in our Striking and Ball Manipulation high performance course to master three different shooting techniques. After completing this course, players will know how to strike a ball over long distances, shoot a driven ball on frame that beats even the best goalkeepers, and bend the ball when crossing or shooting, all while stationary and on the move.


Ideal for ages 13+

Advanced Courses


*Must graduate with at least a Stage II in foundational course to qualify for advanced version*

Advanced Dribbling

After graduating with at least a Stage 2 in skills in our Close Control Dribbling program, players can enroll in the Advanced Dribbling to further hone their ball skills. In this advanced program, soccer players master dribbling forwards, backwards, and laterally in tight spaces with more challenging exercises, all while learning to play with their head up to increase their vision and awareness during games.


Ideal ages 11+

Advanced Cardio Dribbling

After graduating with at least a Stage 2 in skills in our Close Control Dribbling or Advanced Dribbling program, players can enroll in the Advanced Cardio Dribbling to work on their speed, agility, and fitness with the ball. In this advanced program, soccer players master dribbling forwards and laterally in open spaces with more physically and technically challenging exercises. They will be pushed to their athletic and technical limits in game-like scenarios, all while learning to play with their head up to increase their vision and awareness during games.


Ideal ages 12+

Advanced First Touch and Passing

As soccer players get older and their opponents get more athletic, they have to learn to play in high-pressure games. This requires a perfect first touch and versatile passing abilities. After graduating with at least a Stage 2 in skills in our First Touch and Passing course, players can enroll in Advanced First Touch and Passing to master receiving the ball from all directions, increasing their speed of play, and being aware of their surroundings in games at all times.  Players will be pushed to their technical limits in ball skills with this program, as it is one of our most challenging courses. All drills replicate game-like scenarios.


Ideal ages 13+

World Beater Freekicks

The hardest ball skill in soccer to master is taking an effective freekick. We modeled this training program after Leonel Messi's bending and dipping shooting style because it is one of the hardest balls to stop for goalkeepers, which means scoring goals or getting assists almost every time the ball is on frame! To start learning this game-changing ball skill, players have to achieve a Stage 2 or higher in our Striking and Ball Manipulaiton program.


Ideal ages 13+

Sample content from our soccer training courses

See how our soccer players compete to beat their "personal bests"

Here's a sample of our character development curriculum that applies to soccer and life

Images of our kids completing our online soccer training courses


Want to train on your soccer skills with us, but not interested in the measurement and competition of the 10-Week programs? Check out our Raptor 360 dribbling kit!