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Developing Mental Toughness & Other Character Traits

Learn mental toughness, grit, and confidence, with the latest in high-performance soccer research


Effectiveness of Training


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10 Tips to Be Grittier

Grit is a huge part of mental toughness: gritty people don't give up when things are hard. Watch this video to learn how to improve your grit

Mental Toughness

The Importance of Mental Toughness

Watch this interview of Anson Dorrance, World Cup and 22-time NCAA champion soccer coach at UNC, on what mental toughness is and why it's crucial in soccer and life

8 Mental Toughness Tips

Becoming mentally tough is the same as building other skills: it takes practice. But it will help you be much more successful in soccer and for the rest of your life if you learn it now!

Performance Confidence

The Psychological Effects of Labels in Youth Sports


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Building Confidence by Letting Go

Even top performers struggle with pressure in soccer practices and games, but confidence comes from within, and it can be learned

Mental Toughness Tips

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