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Are Your Soccer Skills Good Enough?

Are Your Soccer Skills Good Enough?

If you ever want to know if your 1st touch and passing soccer skills are good enough, start here with this simple test.

In our short video below, you will compare yourself with a high school player who made it to the ECNL National camp (1 of 19 her age) and the ODP Region 3 Team (1 of 18 players in a 13-state region) that played in Argentina vs. professional women's soccer teams.

14 & under well-developed players should score at least a 3.

High-school-age players should score at least a 4.

If you rate yourself less than a 5 on any of the exercises, our online soccer training programs are guaranteed to make you a better-skilled soccer player in only 5 or 10 weeks.

Learn more about training futbol/soccer on your own here:

Go here for soccer/futbol tips and tricks:

Get a free futbol/soccer skills assessment here:

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