Raptor 360 Attack, Full and Lite

Want to train with us, but not interested in the competition and measurement aspects of the 5 and 10-Week training? Try out our Raptor 360 Attack!

Agility exercises to train your body to move efficiently, with and without the ball

Comprehensive dribbling training course with proven results 

Goal-setting, scheduling and motivational tools to help players sustain their training habits

What these training courses include

How the training works

Players get access to our video-based technical and agility training development program for the life of the program, with the same high-quality content as the 5 &10-Week training but without the measurement or competition.

Training Programs

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Sample Training Content

Coaches say...

In over 40 years, I've never seen a training program as effective as Captain Elite‘s 10-week training. I’ve seen the incredible results in players we’ve recruited in the US and Europe. If you’re a youth player with aspirations to play at a higher level, now is the time to take advantage of Captain Elite’s online programs.

- Anson Dorrance, UNC, Winningest Collegiate Coach in History

Parents say...

What no one sees on the videos is the number of times he keeps doing them to get his personal best. The faster the scores, the harder it gets to beat and he has to drive himself over and over until he gets it. Trust me, he fails a ton. What I love is that he is learning the process of getting better. It’s no different in my business world. Now, let’s get his younger brother to do it as well (:

- Jason Lavinder, parent u14 VBR Star 

The training has definitely had a huge impact on how I play. I am way more comfortable with the ball at my feet, and can control it with my head up. I am more satisfied with my foot skills and not tense when I get the ball anymore

- Annie M., u14 player, West Virginia 

Players say...

Coaches, Parents and Players Trust Our Training First