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How to Get Better at Soccer

Here's the short story of how a 12-year-old soccer player who wants to play in college figured out how to get better at soccer with her mom's help.

In the two soccer courses she's taken with Captain Elite Youth Soccer Training, her grit is above 100%. We know this because we measure a player's grit for each course.

youth soccer player holds soccer ball on a soccer field after her soccer game
Georgia pictured above after scoring the only 2 goals in this game

Georgia is working hard in these soccer courses. She has triumphs as well as struggles. Her mom emailed me this update recently.

"I just wanted to share how much the first Captain Elite training helped Georgia. On her club team Georgia always played defender. But, when she started playing on her middle school team (Bethany Community school), she was the only player on the team who actively played competitive soccer. So, she really had to step up. She started playing in the midfield, sometimes on wing, and those dribbling skills really payed [sic] off. Georgia scored 7 of 10 goals this past spring season on her middle school team. She was MVP of her middle school team as a 6th grader.

We are doing the 10 week program now, and it's difficult. Georgia still struggles with juggling and she practices every single day. She juggles every day at her soccer camp this week also. The air wall ball exercises were easy for her, but the juggling and the target striking have been very challenging for her. She just had her 12th Birthday 2 weeks ago, so I keep telling her that in time, she'll get to Stage III. But I am not sure that will happen for these 2 exercises. She is putting in over 4 + hours per week. But she is improving...I can see it!

Georgia has improved with Captain Elite. I want everyone to know about it. I wish her whole team would take advantage of it in the off season. I really do think that champions are made in the off season!" Becky W.

girl youth soccer player holding soccer ball
Georgia is pictured on the back right with Coach Mike at a small group training session. These soccer players had a big surprise when a neighbor showed up with her turkey!

Soccer technical skills training can be done using an online program when you train soccer at home on your own. This is how Georgia trained with us and as you can see from her story, it really does work.

Whatever type of online soccer training you choose, make sure you're getting more than just a lot of drills to work on. This doesn't work!

Captain Elite's soccer training methods are created through painstaking research from the thousands of players we've trained. More than just a collection of soccer drills online, we measure the data generated from your player's soccer training at home, and we use this data to help them become the best soccer player they can possibly be.

Email us at to learn more and find the soccer training program that fits best for you whether you're a college soccer player or at the rec, challenge, or elite levels.

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