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Why Soccer Mistakes are a Good Thing

I talked to a dad on the phone yesterday and he said his daughter is working as a soccer referee this summer. He can't believe what those soccer players heard from the sidelines from parents and coaches when they made mistakes or what some of the parents said to his daughter.

While we can't stop the sidelines chatter, we can train Captain Elite soccer players to make mistakes and quickly recover from them. As parents and players train together in our programs, even parents learn to respect mistakes as a necessary path to their player's success.

If people, whether they are athletes, parents, employees, etc. don't make mistakes, they can't get better. We teach Captain Elite parents, coaches, and soccer players that mistakes will be made and that they are a natural part of the game. So why are soccer mistakes good? Because we can learn from them and how to do better on the next try!

One of our favorite sayings is that Failure is Not An Option. It's a Biological Necessity.

Players who can make mistakes and recover from them are the most resilient soccer players. They will stick with soccer longer and be more likely to love the game. Watch Carter's video below. He's preparing for one of our Skill Expos where he'll be training other youth soccer players. Watch his mistakes and how he doesn't let those mistakes stop his progress.

We teach soccer players how to get better in an environment where they can not only learn how to accept them but actually thrive on their mistakes. This applies to their whole lives and not just in youth soccer. Join our 10-week training at home, a soccer camp, or both for maximum success!

Hear what the parent of a D1 soccer commit has to say about his family's experiences with the Captain Elite online training courses and how they impacted his daughter's soccer development.


I think your topic that best hits home with the players is talking about the success of your former players who have gone through your program and the success they have gone on to achieve after successfully completing your stages and the grit and determination it takes day in and day out to achieve your goals.

The program that I feel is the most fun and rewarding for McCarthy is the timing of your skill tests and your ability to strive each week to better yourself and your time in the training session. Your program has been very beneficial in McCarthy’s development and growth as player. Thanks-Matt Spencer, daughter of ECU D1 commit

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