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Improving Soccer Skills Using a Playback Wall

UNC Women's Soccer Coach, Anson Dorrance, told our players on more than one occasion that he considers First Touch to be the most important skill to master in soccer.

For soccer coaches and parents, this comes as no surprise.

How many times have you seen a player lose the ball to a defender because they could not receive the ball cleanly? This happens when a player needs to improve their first touch.

But how can you improve your soccer first touch at home and without a training partner? What if we told you that you only need about 15 yards of space in your backyard?

Watch the video below of a Captain Elite player who went on to play soccer collegiately at the University of SoCal. Here, in her backyard, Anu is using a soccer playback wall to get better at striking, first touch, and passing completely on her own!

If you don't have 15 yards of space outside, how can you build an indoor soccer wall? Many families prefer indoor soccer training since you can train year round.

One of our parents kindly sent us his diagram on how he built an indoor playback soccer wall for his son. He said that his yard didn't allow him to add the wall outside.

DIY Indoor Soccer Rebound Wall
Download PDF • 284KB

We hope soccer parents find this diagram useful when researching ideas for your own indoor soccer wall at home!

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