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Soccer Trick Challenge for Soccer Ballers!

Parents and players often ask us how to make soccer training at home more fun.

One of the best ways is to learn soccer tricks.

Captain Elite player, Annika from Helsinki, Finland, is such an impressive player. She already trains on her own a lot so we asked her to teach us some of her favorite soccer tricks to learn how she keeps her soccer training interesting.

From her time on the World Cup youth national team in Finland to playing for UNC-Chapel Hill and the University of Central Florida Women's Soccer Teams, Annika has an impressive soccer resume. She always believed that training on her own at home was a valuable part of becoming the technical player she is today. It definitely helped her in the midfield!

As part of her soccer training with Captain Elite, Annika shared this video during one of our Soccer Junkie Competitions. Try out these soccer juggling tricks, and comment on this post if you were able to master any of them!

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