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Year-round soccer training with the best online soccer training courses & small group training sessions in 2024

More than just videos, our next 5-week online soccer training course begins June 10th, 2024

or start training in the Raptor Dribbling program today!

FREE Soccer Skills Assessment

Find out how your soccer skills compare to other players your age

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Free Skill Assessment

Online Soccer Training Designed for Your Player

Keep reading to see how Captain Elite's online soccer training courses can help your players track and grow their soccer skills, work rate, & grit.

elite soccer players dribbling at summer camp

Soccer Workouts at Home for the Complete Player

We believe developing soccer skills is secondary to developing character. So, we use our online soccer training courses to help players build crucial traits like confidence, competitiveness, and grit. 

Soccer girl dribbling with socccer cones

Evidence-Based Private Soccer Training

Our online soccer training is 130x more effective for individual technical development than other soccer skills training programs. See our research for more details on how we make our soccer training sessions so effective.

Annika Huhta soccer player head juggling a soccer ball

Personalized Master Coach for Developing Soccer Skills

Our personal coach technology is available to all players in our online soccer training programs. It provides specific technical feedback after every session while helping players set and achieve their work ethic, grit, and soccer skill goals.

female soccer player making free kicks

Practice Soccer with Objective Standards of Excellence

For the first time, players know exactly how good their soccer skills are, on a scale from fundamental to collegiate, even while training completely on their own!

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Interested in Our Training?

Interested in our soccer training?

​To learn more and sign up for a soccer training program today, go HERE


If you're looking for soccer training without the measurement and competition of the 5 and10-Week programs, go HERE for our Raptor 360 dribbling

Testimonials from Our Parents

To see my daughter's development exceed our expectations after every soccer training course has been incredible. She’s becoming a complete player with a supportive nationwide Captain Elite community and soccer skill and fitness training sessions she takes everywhere her mobile phone goes.

Jim Kennedy, parent u14, California

Captain Elite’s Law #1 ‘If it is to be, it is up to me’ has had a profound impact on Isabel. When she first started doing the soccer training sessions as a 9-year-old, it was very hard for her and she almost quit. Then she attended Captain Elite's winter soccer camp where met players with the same struggles and coaches focused on helping her excel. She now quotes ‘Failure is not an option. It is a biological necessity’ and I’m loving watching her development soar!

Stephanie Smith, parent u14 starter #1 DA team in the country, Alabama

She started training in Captain Elite ball mastery kits as a u12 challenge player and within weeks of starting the sessions, we saw huge skill development. Within 20 months, she climbed 5 team levels, then was invited to play in nationals with the soccer team the next year up. Before the end of the soccer tournament, she earned a starting spot. She’s always been a head shorter, so it was her Captain Elite ball skills training that got her there.

Michael Travis, parent u14, North Carolina

Rarely do you come across people that can change your path in soccer, let alone life. Mike and Captain Elite have done just that for Virgi. As I write this, she’s in a 3-week national camp in Italy experiencing some of her best moments in soccer, ever. She would not be here if it weren’t for Captain Elite. 

Andrea Moscetti, parent u17 Italian national camp, Florid


Answering Some FAQs to help you get your player started training at home

  • How do you train for soccer at home?
    Different online programs exist for teaching players to train on their own at home. However, Captain Elite's soccer training courses are unique because they are: ​ 1. Backed by high performance soccer research 2. Proven to be successful for soccer players of all ages 3. Structured so that players can track their improvement 4. Designed so that parents can support their players in their soccer development
  • How many days a week should I train for soccer?
    On average, Captain Elite players train an extra 3-4 times per week outside of their club and school soccer practices. But remember: it's better to do shorter sessions more frequently because even professionals can't stay 100% at their peak focus and intensity for long periods of time, so the soccer training becomes less productive.
  • How many hours a day should I practice soccer?
    As mentioned above, research on expertise development in soccer and other skills shows that training more than one hour at a time is not as effective as doing shorter sessions (30-60 minutes) and training more frequently. ​ When deciding how many hours to practice soccer daily, think about: ​ 1. How your body is feeling - Do not train if you're sick or injured! Your health should always come first. 2. What type of soccer training you are doing - Pure technical training is less demanding on your body and can be done more frequently than fitness or playing in soccer games 3. What your goals are for soccer - If you want to be the best player you can be, play college in soccer, earn more playing time, or even make the next level team up in your soccer club, you should train more on your own at home to see bigger improvements than what you will see just training with your soccer team!
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Contact Us

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