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General Inquiries

Technical & Character Development Academy for Youth & Collegiate Soccer Players
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If it is to be, it is up to me®

Is your player ever unmotivated to pursue their goals?
Take this 15-second test:
Where are my skills today?
What do I need to develop to reach my goals?
How do I get there, specifically?

If you’re unclear on any of these questions, your team has not provided you with a player development road map. That’s not unusual, but we’d like to help. What’s missing in today’s club development is something you have almost 100% control over… Measurement-based skill and character development.

Example of how Coach Mike works with parents and players training in his programs

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Meet Captain Elite®
We Train & Inspire Youth Soccer Players to strive for their personal best.
  • Technical – Our players learn how to master the ball on their own outside of their teams, in our player development research projects and at our training camps.
  • Mental – We teach character traits like personal responsibility, grit, discipline, gratitude, and competitiveness needed to succeed in athletics and life.
  • Intelligence – Our players learn spatial awareness and improved decision-making on and off the field.
Our belief
  • Every youth soccer player can take control of their destiny in soccer but very few know how. Our training is designed from the latest high performance research to help them get better in far less time.
  • The problem- very few players believe they are capable of ever becoming extraordinary at anything. The consequence – they give up long before they hit their stride.
  • “People don’t stop because they hit some innate limit. They stop getting better because they stop practicing.” Anders Ericcson, best-selling author, Peak
  • Our players learn the technical skills and character needed to persevere. “Enthusiasm is common, but endurance is rare.” Angela Duckworth, best-selling author, Grit

Parent Testimonials from across the USA & Europe

Rarely do you come across people that can change your path in soccer, let alone life. Mike and Captain Elite have done just that for Virgi. We’re thankful for the clear direction, inspiration and training on what is important in her technical and character development. As I write this, she’s in a 3-week national camp in Italy experiencing some of her best moments in soccer, ever. She would not be here if it weren’t for Captain Elite.
Andrea Moscetti, parent u17 Italian national camp, Florida

The video-based training is straightforward and direct. These are the areas you need to improve and here is how you do it. Assess. Plan. Train. Grit. Hard Work. Done.
James Klanke, parent u17 ACC D1 commit, Missouri

To see my daughter exceed our expectations after every training course has been incredible. She’s becoming a complete player with a supportive nationwide Captain Elite community and training she takes everywhere her mobile phone goes. We’re so blown away by the results, she travels coast-to-coast on her own to train in person with them for a weekend!
Jim Kennedy, parent u14, California

She started training in Captain Elite ball mastery kits as a u12 challenge player and within weeks, we saw a difference. Within 20 months, she climbed 5 team levels, then was invited to play in nationals with the team next year up. Before the end of the tournament she earned a starting spot. She’s always been a head shorter, so it was her Captain Elite ball skills training that got her there.
Michael Travis, parent u14, North Carolina

Captain Elite’s Law #1 ‘If it is to be, it is up to me’ has had a profound impact on Isabel. When she first started training in the ball mastery kits as a 9-year-old, it was very hard for her and she almost quit. When she attended the January 1v1 Bash MLK weekend, she met players from all over the country with the same struggles. She now quotes ‘Failure is not an option. It is a biological necessity’ and I’m loving watching her game soar!
Stephanie Smith, parent u14 starter #1 DA team in the country, Alabama

My daughter really finds Captain Elite ball mastery kits and training events beneficial. Mike focuses on key aspects of the game that are often missed in her club training. Even though my daughter plays at an elite level, she always comes back with new confidence and lessons learned.
Carlton Goldthwaite, parent u16 national camp player, ACC D1 commit, North Carolina

The training tools that identify her weaknesses and tell her what to train on, videos showing how to do the training and to what standard have helped her to impact her club and national team. She recently performed in the UEFA u17 tournament producing several goals and final passes to help her team finish in 3rd place.
Pekka Huhta, parent youth national player, ACC D1 commit, Europe

The impact Captain Elite has had on my daughter goes far beyond developing her to play elite D1 soccer. She learned life skills that are helping her to take control of every aspect of her life. Thank you, Mike and Captain Elite!
Kawika Kane, parent u16 national camp, PAC-12 D1 Commit, Hawaii

Come join us!

Our players leap ahead in technical, character and soccer intelligence because they have a community-based platform to show them how to do it anywhere and anytime on their schedule!

Character Excellence begins with a FREE tutorial on individual & team character with Angela Duckworth, best selling author of Grit. Email [email protected] for your free copy.


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