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“You’ve got to pay the price” Vince Lombardi

I saw my nephew play lacrosse against Harvard. He starts on the #1 D1 lacrosse team in the country, Yale. He went #23 in the draft recently.

But that’s really not at all important.

I want you to know him not because he’s an excellent player, but because he is an exemplary role model of what a great student-athlete should be. His youth story is one of the best I’ve ever heard. It will convince you that no one can hold you back, ever. I’ll share it in a future Fridays Video series after he completes his season.

This part taught me something important, something few of you will see…

I was very fortunate to be in the middle of the field shooting pix and video during warm-ups, on the sidelines with the team during the game and in the locker room capturing their victory chant post game. There is something really special in that team. I could not figure out what it was while I was there.

Then I saw it.

Something rare that I wish for you all to experience: 100% of the players bought in. 100% gave everything they had even if they were never going to see the field.

They had paid the price and they were there to give everything they had to their teammates and coaches. I absolutely love it when players figure that out (you have 100% control of this) and even more when teams figure that out (you have some influence on this).

When they took the field, it was as if the sky darkened on their opponents.

Coming out of the locker room, they formed two lines, ran at me and split. It’s hard to capture the emotion, but it made White look giants and Red look, well, smaller. It gave me goosebumps…

Every one of you has it in you to make the same decisions that these 40+ players made:

1) I am 100% committed to my development and my team, even with the imperfections of both

2) I give everything I have in my training and team moments. These moments are precious and fleeting and I will not look back saying I shoulda, coulda, woulda… never.

3) No one can hold me back, but me

Above: What paying the price looks like when the entire team buys in

Have a great weekend!

Coach Keating

CEO, Chief Research & Training

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