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Wild Bird Dribbles a Soccer Ball

In the USA we're led to believe that club soccer is the only way to teach players how to play.

We know a family who raised their 5 children in eastern Indonesia and they will tell you that's not the only way.

Read until the end to see the wild bird video and you'll see how it ties into this story.

I met the family at our soccer camp in North Carolina a year ago. They had recently moved from Indonesia to Durham and heard about Captain Elite from their Dash United school coach.

I really didn't know what to expect when the father called me ahead of camp

and said, "My name is Jareb, and my family and I were missionaries in Indonesia. We've just moved to NC and I want to bring 3 of my kids to your soccer camp. They really haven't played a lot so feel free to slot them where it's best."

male and female soccer players warm up at soccer camp
Kimberly's First Camp with Captain Elite

3 of the family's 5 kids have now been training in our online soccer training courses & NC soccer camps for a year and so their father, Jareb, recently sent me a video of his youngest son's progress which I'll share.

Caleb is 13 & just started his second season of middle school soccer. Caleb has never played club soccer. He only played pickup soccer in Indonesia which meant kicking the ball around with other kids in the jungle on a 100 sq. ft. helipad or in people's backyards in the jungle. Their kids had no access to team sports or soccer fields and have worked super hard to catch up after returning to the USA.

young American and Indonesian boys playing soccer in Indonesia
Caleb & Caden playing soccer in Indonesia

According to Jareb, "Caleb did Captain Elite in the summer of 2021 for the first time, then played on a team that fall... when he did play, he did not start and was a substitute due to his inexperience.

Since then, he has practiced, and done Captain Elite, and this fall season has started every game and contributed as a leader and scored two fairly long balls into the corner of the net. He admits he needs more strength, but his technical skills are very good and we must attribute a lot of that to his Captain Elite training.

Caleb has not played any club ball to date. Only Captain Elite and is now finishing his second school season. He really wants to play advanced soccer, so is going to have to continue to catch up with his peers, but I have no doubt he can if he wants to.

FYI, his two older siblings who also did Captain Elite are both doing very well in their soccer pursuits. His older brother (Caden) was chosen to take all the corner kicks in yesterday’s varsity game, which he placed very well into the box for scoring opportunities."

Male Players Compete at Captain Elite Soccer Camp
Caden (right) at his first Captain Elite Soccer Camp

Regarding birds that play soccer, the family raised several cassowary birds from hatchlings who had lost their mothers. During their time in Indonesia, the family raised all sorts of birds, marsupials (including kangaroos), and other tropical animals. The tribal people would bring them to the family when they would find them.

The cassowary birds grow to about 4 feet tall, according to Jareb, and can be dangerous. According to the Library of Congress, this bird is actually considered one of the most dangerous birds to humans! Now let's see one play soccer!

But the most important part of the video is when you'll see Caleb perform in a live game and see how he does. Remember, Caleb has NEVER played club soccer!

Join this family and many others who train with Captain Elite. We will teach your players the habits they need to stay on track to meet their goals in soccer. The same great habits will translate in other many other ways as they get older. Click below today.

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