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The 5 Stages of Soccer Skill Development - Stage IV Advanced Soccer Skills

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

In our last post, we showed you the characteristics of Stage III Elite soccer players. To read that post, click HERE.

Now, onto Stage IV which is the highest level of youth and elite collegiate soccer and includes players who've done a tremendous amount of work on their own developing these advanced soccer skills. Stage IV players are primarily, but not always, older high school and collegiate players.

Stay tuned for a snapshot of the type of training these players have done on their own to get to this advanced stage of soccer development. You'll also get a technique tip from another player who is now one of our coaches. And yes! Advanced players do have certain soccer tricks and techniques they use to control a soccer ball and make their performance on the field look so easy. If you're up for the challenge it takes practice to perfect.

You are going to meet one of our top advanced-level players in this post and see where her extra training has taken her in soccer. Then you'll also see a video of another Stage IV player showcasing her advanced soccer skills while training with a men's national team. Finally, we show you a few videos of soccer skills from middle and high school players who hold records in our 10-week training courses. We consider these skills Advanced Level IV.

In the image above, you see Annika Huhta, Captain Elite player, attending Captain Elite's youth soccer camp. Annika played a lead role in the U17 World Cup competition for her home country of Finland. She's now a midfield player for the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill, having been recruited by their women's soccer coach Anson Dorrance.

When Annika attended Captain Elite's soccer camp, she not only showcased some of the advanced skills she's gained through training in the Captain Elite programs but she also discussed her experiences playing and training on a world stage in soccer. Annika is the epitome of our "Train Everywhere" slogan. Many of the skills she gained were attained in her garage or in various soccer fields on her own in her hometown of Helsinki.

Now, we are privileged to watch Annika use these Stage IV skills while she plays for one of the all-time top women's collegiate programs in the world and, if you talk to her, you'll find that she still trains on her own. Just like Messi, Ronaldo, and countless other world-class soccer players, as long as Annika is playing soccer, she will never stop training on her own. For anyone who doubts that soccer players can gain top-level soccer skills through training by themselves, Annika will quickly point out that training on your own is, in fact, a necessary step to reach your own personal best in the game, whatever your goal may be.

What makes an advanced soccer player so different from the other 3 stages we've discussed? You may already know that dedication and perseverance toward their goals is an important psychological trait of advanced players. Technically, a unique aspect of Stage IV players is that they are masters at striking a soccer ball with texture. Proper techniques for striking are rarely taught to any level of player and these advanced players have developed techniques including dipping, bending, and knuckling the ball. Direct set pieces also fall into Advanced Soccer Skills Stage IV. Being able to consistently manipulate a soccer ball accurately is exceedingly rare, even in the elite collegiate game.

Now watch the short video below of a former advanced youth and collegiate player training with a men's national team and using the techniques from Captain Elite's 10-week online soccer training courses, including 1st touch, passing, dribbling, as well as the striking techniques we discussed here. You'll also see her work on bending, knuckling, and dipping the soccer ball and how she set up her private soccer training area to work on these techniques. This player happens to be one of our favorite Captain Elite coaches now! Coach Cam continues to work on helping other players develop these soccer skills she worked so tirelessly in her youth to achieve.

Now let's watch 2 other players who gained advanced-level soccer skills in dribbling and passing while training at home during middle and high school in the Captain Elite soccer courses.

Will from Alabama took his advanced skills to play midfield collegiately for a very technical LMU Men's Soccer program in Tennessee. Will achieved an advanced level in passing and other soccer skills while training soccer at home during middle and high school. Logan is a high school soccer player from Virginia who gained advanced level skills through hours of training on his own and trying to beat his own personal best scores. Both of these players learned their technical skills in Captain Elite's 10-week high-performance courses. After you watch these guys show off their amazing skills make sure to stay tuned for our soccer trick used by more advanced players.

Watch Will break a Speed 3 Touch Record at home in our 1st touch and passing 10-week soccer program

Now watch Logan set a record in our Close Control Soccer Dribbling 10-week program

Logan is one of our players who works hard to defend his record-breaking scores. Watch the video below to see Logan exhibit advanced level dribbling skills as he beats out another competitor to defend his 2 cones 8 soccer dribbling title.


By now I hope you've been inspired by what soccer players can actually achieve through training on their own at home. If these advanced-level soccer players inspire you, then join our next round of 10-Week High-Performance courses today. We give you the roadmap you need to be successful in soccer by getting more playing time, making higher-level teams, and enjoying the sport so much more. Learn more HERE and chat with us live on that page.

OFFERS: Interested in a free clinic for your team? Chat live with us HERE or email Want to join a 10-week program? Click HERE & enroll.

Join us for a camp plus our 10-week soccer training HERE.

And now for Coach Cam's Advanced tip for soccer players. "Have you ever watched a player try to receive an airball with their thigh only to have it bounce back to a defender? To settle the ball with your thigh, use the highest part of your thigh. Move your thigh slightly back as the ball hits it, that way you can take pace off of the pass. Angle your thigh forwards and down so the ball rolls off of it towards your feet."

Watch for our next post coming up soon on the last stage of our 5 Stages of Soccer Skill Development...Pro Level.

Thanks for joining and please like, comment on, and share our blog posts - we love getting your feedback on our content so we can keep sharing what you are most interested in!

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