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How to Get Good Enough to Play College Soccer

How can a player become good enough to play college soccer?

Is there a clear path you can take to develop college-level soccer skills or is it random?

Do you have to rely on team practices to be good enough to play in college?

What is the work effort required by age level to put you on the path to playing college soccer?

young female soccer player poses with soccer coach from Georgia ODP Soccer
Paula from NC ODP and Kostas from Georgia Soccer ODP meet for the first time in Charlotte, NC

Coach Mike, Chief Research and Training Officer of Captain Elite, and Kostas Hatzikoutelis, Director of Coaching & Player Development for Georgia Soccer ODP discuss the path that youth soccer players should take to achieve their goal of playing at a higher level in soccer.

Listen to this interview to learn how you can work to become the best you can be and then join us for one of our training courses

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