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General Inquiries


Meet Mike Keating, Founder

Mike Keating is the founder of Captain Elite®, author of the 3 Barriers to Player SuccessTM  video companion series, researcher on the Secrets of Messi Dribbling, researcher on a more effective way to play fast called Speed of Play Kills, creator and chief researcher on the latest skills development program, Rapid Skill Development, designed from an adaptation of Anders Ericsson’s deliberate practice research.

Mike shares his research & experiences fromover 40 years in soccer, 30 years in global consulting and 20 years as a parent of student-athletes to audiences from 50 to over 1000 players, parents, & coaches.

Mike’s unique approach to speaking uses his consultative problem-solving skills to survey his audiences in advance to personalize the engagement.

Current High Demand Topics Include

  1. What college players did in their youth: training, setbacks, recruiting
  2. 5 Habits players can use to master the ball on their own
  3. High Performance Training Techniques I teach to the Pros that youth are learning today
  4. How to increase confidence, creativity & enjoyment
  5. How Rapid Skill Development is being adopted by teams to leap ahead in their conference
  6. How to train with purpose to become extraordinary in 2 years

If you are interested in having Mike share his research & stories with your organization for free, please contact us.

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