General Inquiries

General Inquiries

Rapid Skill Development

Get Better Faster in only 90 days!

Our newest research-backed, guided training
Rapid Skill Development (RSD) is for players who want to get better faster and who thrive on more trainer interaction.
RSD training is the most effective way to improve ball skills, confidence, self-discipline, and grit.
Only $109
Mike, Just thought I’d share a quick clip from a tournament game played yesterday. Gator (#55) with a left footed bridge and a right footed bender from 25yds out. It’s just out of frame, but the second one curls into the side netting perfectly. Her coach has commented at how much her shooting and set balls are improving – after about 4 weeks of RSD training. Looking forward to the camp!
Mark B, parent of Premier player, GA
  • RSD training is adapted from Anders Ericsson’s latest high-performance training research.
  • Boost skills quickly in 1 area in only 90 days in a train at home, guided approach
  • Individuals work toward common goals they set on day 1
  • Players learn three levels of increasingly intense training: Technique, +Training Zone, HIIT Training
  • All that’s needed is a ball, cones, smartphone or tablet, training partner or playback surface (wall)
  • Choose from one of the following areas:
    1. 1st Touch and Passing
    2. Striking and Ball Manipulation
    3. Mastering Direct Kick Set Pieces (coming soon)

1st Touch and Passing

Striking and Ball Manipulation

Mastering Direct Kick Set Pieces

Coming Soon

Overall great program. Liam’s on the field improvement is nothing short of amazing in such a short amount of time. We’re ready for the next training kit!
Jon B, North Carolina

RSD is different from our Raptor 360 & Speed of Play Kills training kits that you keep for the life of the product. In RSD training:

  • the program lasts 90 days
  • players set goals, see a training dashboard, and are held accountable to commitments
  • players learn three methods to train outside their comfort zone
  • players receive guidance & inspiration from Coach Keating through live Chalk Talk broadcasts, task assignments, player discussion forums and challenges
  • players focus on either 1st Touch and Passing or Striking and Ball Manipulation to master these skills in the fastest way possible in only 90 days.

1st Touch and Passing

Enroll HERE

Striking and Ball Manipulation

Enroll HERE

Day 1: Players are granted access to tools to set individual goals, complete a weekly training plan template, finish a self-assessment on work ethic, grit and ball skills. These steps create their baseline from which they strive to improve.

Typical Weekly Schedule: Minimum of 2 practices, 30 minutes each; average commitment of the players enrolled in RSD programs currently is 4 practices, 40 minutes each. They most often train at home, at school or club before or after practice.

As a parent, I did next to nothing other than to occasionally ask how it was going. Knowing that she was improving a skill and part of a group doing the same training inspired her even as the weather turned cold. The program allowed her to develop the specific skill of taking set pieces and was immediately noticed by her club coach when returning to team training in November. He now asks her to take free kicks and even has her taking corners. Most importantly, my daughter emphatically wanted to join another Rapid Skill Development kit with the start of the new year. I can already see her first touch going to a new level after just a few weeks re-engaging with first touch training.
Doug (Connecticut)

Training Accessible 24×7 by phone, tablet or PC/Mac

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