General Inquiries

General Inquiries

Training Kits

Train on your own like elite collegiate players did in their youth with anytime, anywhere at home video-based training kits.

This is her dream. Her passion. Her goal. I feel profoundly grateful that with your help and the Captain Elite team, this is just another way that I can support her dream. This week was the first time I have stood near/next to/been with Elliot while she trained and it was such a gift. We laughed and talked as she trained and it made me realize that even though she is 100% committed and driving this train herself, that by me being a more active participant on this journey we can create some very special memories in the process. Thanks for everything. All best, Lisa
Lisa Moore, parent u11, Tophat
Kate was cut from the DA. We immediately searched for a solution, found Captain Elite, attended their January Bash camp where we learned about measurement-based training. We enrolled her and Kate went to work. 2 months later, she was called back up to the DA. The coach said he’s never seen as fast a transformation in any player as he did in Kate.
David Markey, parent u14 UFA DA player

Competitive High-Performance TrainingTM

Train on your own like Pro and D1 college players with the latest in high-performance training backed by science. Master the most important soccer skills at home in a 16-player training group from across the USA & Europe! Choose your training in one of these 3 training kits: Dribbling (Close Control), 1st Touch & Passing or Striking.

Raptor 360 AttackTM

Unlock the secrets of the world’s greatest dribblers with 4 training programs + agility. Master what college coaches call one of the three golden skills: close control dribbling. Learn to control the ball with all surfaces of both feet, composed while under pressure to shred any defense.


Captain Elite players live this truth, “If it is to be, it is up to me.TM 

Enter Info to Get Close Control Dribbling Training & Research

What makes Captain Elite online training courses unique?

Our research-backed training focuses on technical-cognitive improvement with excellence in character.

Youth players learn from simple, easy-to-follow “Do this, Then this” steps.

Parents also benefit through our research and parent/player stories to better guide their kids through the inevitable successes and setbacks.

Captain Elite 5 Laws of Player Development

Five principles players must know to help increase love of the game, speed of development, and technical mastery. Read the 5 laws here.

Houston, myself, Isabel and her next in line brother, Jude, all sat down and watched your pre-game & start-up videos to the Level 5 Training Academy. It inspired us all and lead to a great discussion. Not only did it help Isabel in thinking about soccer, it was valuable for Houston and his work life and for each of us in our own personal way. Can’t tell you what a great experience it was doing it as a family.
Stephanie SmithParentAlabama


Soccer Ball
Online access via a Computer or Mobile Device




Can My Player?

Handle Failure & Adversity? Compete against players who seem more talented?
Stay positive when learning new skills?

Is it Right for my Family?

We understand that choosing the most supportive training for your child can be overwhelming at times. Find out if Captain Elite is the best fit for you and your family.

Do I as a Parent?

Know how to help my player handle adversity & failure? Recognize the pivotal events in my player’s development & how he/she can influence their mindset?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, Captain Elite’s online technical training kits can help you!

Who should Participate?

Easy-to-follow instructions for challenge to elite players ages U10-U19. The younger the player, the more guidance recommended from parents. Youth players learn from simple, easy-to-follow “Do this, Then this” steps.

The benefits of her independent training, attending the Expo Training Camp and culminating in the skills exposition in front of 1000 players this summer have been exponential in affecting her personal confidence on and off the field. The friendships she formed this summer were amazing and invaluable to her as a maturing young woman. I cannot express my gratitude  enough to you that we are so fortunate to be involved with Captain Elite. I knew you all were on to something the day I heard you speak over 2 years ago – and you can quote me on any of this you wish to!  I WANT HER INVOLVED!
Amy Wyscarver, Parent U14 ECNL player


-Tony Robbins


Participants in our Online Technical Training Kits have experienced a variety of benefits.

Enhanced Speed

Increased amount & speed of technical development by up to 200-300% when training as much as the average amount other players train in our community.

Increased Confidence

Increased player confidence through self-talk and increased parental freedom when they follow the program to train at home or on their own anywhere they can take a ball.

Extremely Affordable

Over 80% reduction in cost per session if they train the average number of training sessions other players train in our community today.

Community Support

Connect with players from around the country online and in person at our National Player Development Events.

The training has definitely had a huge impact on how I play. I am way more comfortable with the ball at my feet, and can control it with my head up. I am more satisfied with my foot skills and not tense when I get the ball anymore 🙂
Annie, 13, West Virginia Captain Elite Team Argentina

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