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General Inquiries

Level 5

Long-term Individual Ball Mastery

Is your player Inspired? Challenged? Independent? Motivated?

Getting better fast enough? Do they feel a part of a community?

Level 5 is broad-based individual training across all ball skills. This kit is appropriate for players wanting more variety in their training instead of a deep-dive into one skill topic such as striking or dribbling.

All players progress through 5 levels of technical difficulty.

The Level 5 program is renewed as a quarterly or annual subscription.

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Setback to Success
-ANNIEAge 13

After being cut from her team while her friends made it, Annie enrolled in our Level 5 Player Academy and transformed herself in less than 8 months – from the comfort of her own home – See for yourself!


The training has definitely had a huge impact on how I play. I am way more comfortable with the ball at my feet, and can control it with my head up. I am more satisfied with my foot skills and not tense when I get the ball anymore 🙂
Annie, 13, West Virginia Captain Elite Team Argentina
I could go on and on regarding the Captain Elite influence… I don’t know where Annie’s soccer career will lead, but I  know that she is on the most rapid development curve I have yet seen.  She is also learning valuable life lessons in Captain Elite on the importance of personal responsibility, work ethic and leadership.
Chris Martin, Annie's father

Elite Adult Players

Trained More on their Own.

Over 90% spent more time training alone or with one other person than any other training method.

Had major Setbacks in their career.

Over 40% cited the #1 pivotal event that drove them was a major adversity like being cut from a team or a serious injury.

Prioritized development over short-term results.

While peers focused on tactics and winning games, they focused on technical development.

Had a positive community for support.

Over 50% cited their pivotal event, in which they knew they were on the right path, was an achievement supported by a positive community.

The Solution

Level 5 At Home Player Academy: Broad-based skills training



All you need is a Smartphone, Tablet or Computer!

Establishing a goal-driven and growth mindset allowing you to take on any challenge confidently.

Climb through collegiate and professional levels of difficulty and training.

Attend a Captain Elite player event to connect with like-minded players from across the USA.

Level 5 Player Academy

Quarterly Subscription

Level 5 Player Academy

Annual Subscription (Save $84)

Our training kits come with a 14 day money back guarantee. After giving it the good old college try, e-mail us if you’re not satisfied we delivered what we promised and we will give you a full refund!

Level 5 Player Academy Experience

Three Development Modules:

Technical Training for developing skills
Social Training to keep the experience fun
Classroom Training to train the mental athlete


Level 5 participants have experienced a variety of benefits.

Enhanced Speed

Increased amount & speed of technical development by up to 200-300% by training as much as the average amount players train in our community.

Increased Confidence

Increased player confidence through self-talk and increased parental freedom when they follow the program to train at home or on their own anywhere they can take a ball.

Extremely Affordable

Over 80% reduction in cost per session of technical development if they train the average number training sessions players train in our community today.

Community Support

Connect with players from around the country online and in our quarterly National Player Development Events in person.

Watch one of our younger players training in Level 5 on her own to get better.

I spend my time training elite players at Wake Forest and youth players. What strikes me every year at all levels in the American game is the gap in technical skill and lack of initiative. If players want to enjoy the game more, progress and play at a higher level, they need to show initiative in self training and work toward mastering the ball. What I like about the Captain Elite program is players cannot advance to higher levels without proving they mastered lower levels.
Tony DaLuz, Head Coach Wake Forest

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