General Inquiries

General Inquiries

Junior Strivers

Skill Development for our youngest players ages 6-10

Empowering kids to learn ball control with the parent as trainer (no experience necessary)
Junior Striver training is the most effective way for young players to improve ball skills and build confidence while having fun!

Watch how young players go from beginners to top skilled players at home with their parents
(no soccer experience needed)

Her dad grew up in baseball and knew nothing about soccer

He started training her at home in our program at 7. At 10, his daughter is one of the most skilled players in her conference.

Isabel began in our programs training at home at 9.

By 13 she started every game for the top DA team in the country

What every one of these players have in common is a positive, involved parent helping them at home

  • Myth: Parents should stay out of their child’s soccer development
  • Fact: Most greats in any sport had involved parents helping them at home
  • Truth: Parents should stay out of coaching decisions regarding playing time, roster, formations, practices
  • Truth: Most teams have too little time to teach individual player skills. Players must learn these skills outside of team practices
  • Solution: In our Junior Strivers program, parents are the skill trainers for 6-10 year olds at home (no experience necessary)

What you need:

  • Ball, cones, smartphone or tablet
  • Mindset that you can train your player at home (no soccer experience necessary)
  • Attitude to keep it fun (most important!)

What’s included:

  • Video training kit with 3 months of Close Control Dribbling skills
  • Training at home or anywhere you can take a ball and set of cones.
  • Exercises posted monthly to study fewer skills, more deeply. While soccer experience is not required, grit is!

Only $99 for a 3 month skills development course.

National camp & national players who learned their skills at home

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