General Inquiries

General Inquiries


  • We are not a club. We are a nationwide, independent, player development research & training academy with mobile phone, tablet and PC/Mac accessible programs focused on developing players’ technical skills and the inner athlete (mental, character).
  • We supplement players’ club team training in the way elite college players did in their youth – by teaching the player how to train on their own, anytime, anywhere. We pattern the programs on cognitive science and the latest research on high performance training.
  • We help parents reduce the stress and mystery of player development by sharing our research.
  • We believe character is the foundation for sustaining the player through the inevitable ups and downs.
  • We help players turn their backyard, garages, basements, bedrooms, hotels while traveling into impromptu training grounds to rise above the 3 million players who only practice with their teams.
  • Research tip: reaching your potential is nearly impossible if you only practice with your team. From our research presentations, “If you don’t train on your own, you’re not going to make it” – Anson Dorrance, Head Coach, UNC Women’s Soccer.
  • This is not meant to be controversial. It is a reminder of exactly what all  parents did in our youth. We had to do more on our own than our kids’ generation. This loss of independence and alone time to be creative has had unforeseen consequences in kids who grow up with low self-confidence, personal mastery & personal leadership.

1) What makes Captain Elite online training courses unique?

Our research-backed training focuses on technical & cognitive improvement with excellence in character.

We are about character-based player development. We believe character is the single ingredient which will translate to every part of the player’s life. Our 5 Laws of Player Development are woven through everything we do:

1) I am Responsible for my Development
2) I am Extraordinary at the Ordinary
3) I am a Student of the Game
4) I am a Hard Worker
5) I am Thankful

Parents also benefit through our research and parent/player stories to better guide their kids through the inevitable successes and setbacks.

Parents as well as players greatly benefit from Captain Elite’s training courses. The parent experience is just as important because we gain vision which helps us know how to encourage our children during the ups and downs of our child’s journey.
Leah Waggoner, Parent U13, Alabama

We do several things that we believe make us unique…

a) We Inspire. We believe that youth have nearly limitless potential in their capacity to learn and get better. We share countless player stories of failures, successes, adversities, & triumphs that teach the kids there ARE PLAYERS OUT THERE JUST LIKE ME who are doing amazing things. This inspires and increases player confidence that just maybe, they can reach for new heights, too. We believe that the journey is less about soccer as the endpoint, and more about personal mastery through soccer.

b) We are Research-Based. Our new Success by 16TM work many saw in the 2016 research presentation is an example. We have data on thousands of players from challenge to youth national, collegiate and beyond to help de-mystify the player development journey for both parents and players.

c) We teach Character Development through soccer. Without character, the commitment to the journey is short-lived. Without character, the journey has little purpose and feels like work rather than fun. See our 5 Laws of Player Development to understand what we believe and what we teach the kids.

d) We are a Community. Although we teach the players how to train independently at their homes, before or after practices, or anywhere they travel, we invite players to come together for special events to learn, be inspired and connect. Our families feel like they are part of a nationwide community of like-minded people. This helps the kids feel a part of something bigger than themselves. It is the reason why when we send out an invitation to weekend Ignition Events (inspiration, training & learning in person). People from distances all over the USA travel to North Carolina to learn, train and most importantly, connect.

2) What is the biggest difference between Raptor Training (enroll HERE) & Speed of Play (enroll HERE) Training?

Raptor Training is a deep dive structured (with written 12 week plan) or totally flexible training course on close control dribbling that can be started and paused depending on the player’s schedule without worry there will be on-going charges. Since it takes longer than 12 weeks to master many of these 35 exercises, families like the 1-time fee of this training. The training is focused on 1 of the 3 golden skills coaches look for in high potential players — close control. The program is patterned after researching some of the the world’s greatest dribblers. Players in a single household are encouraged to use the same platform.

Raptor Training uses our new proprietary training framework of Ignite (to motivate), Secrets (research), Training (technical & cognitive) and Player Showcase (to exhibit skill).

Our Speed of Play Kills™ Training Kit also includes a 4, 8 or 12 week training plan. Players commit to the amount of time they intend on training per week. We also include player stories as well as a parent and player guide to success to help create goals and training habits to be successful.

Speed of Play is technical excellence (doing things right) + knowledge of concepts (study) + decisions (doing the right things). It is more sophisticated than just tech training and is why we recommend for u12 & up. Players will learn proper passing at different speeds under pressure using High Intensity Interval Training. Players learn that different passes have different value and what passes have the most value for their team.

Both the Raptor and Speed of Play Kills members have access to research, technical competitions as well as player forums to ask questions, get answers and share experiences.

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