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Story: Small Club, Big Dreams


Not in a big club? Cut? Started too late?: This story proves you can still develop on your own and reach for your dreams!

Story: u12 Challenge to U17 National


Too Small: No one believed, until invited to national camps

Story: Criticism Made her Stronger


Dream Big! Started training on her own at 11, was criticized for it, stayed the course and loving it more than ever

My daughter has utilized all three of Captain Elite’s training platforms to help her earn a national camp invitation at u14. She trains at home via their online training kits, she has attended the livestream Accelerator web training and multiple in person national training events. This combination is the best soccer & life skills training platform I’ve ever seen. I don’t see how she could’ve achieved a national camp invite without this additional training
Chris Montgomery, parent u13, Kitty Hawk, North Carolina
We recommend the Captain Elite programs to help the kids take responsibility, love the ball, master the ball. The biggest mistake parents make that want to help their kids to love it more and get better is not helping them learn to train more on their own. This is a critical missing piece in youth player development today. The clubs want their players to master the ball on their own as they need to spend time on getting the team to play together. The player’s enjoyment, fulfillment and chances of reaching their goals greatly diminish if they don’t put extra hours in on the ball, outside of club. Captain Elite is the best soccer & life skills video training platform I’ve seen.
Anson Dorrance, Head Coach UNC, 22 NCAA Championships, World Cup Championship

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Middle School Age

High School Age



1 Committed to top ACC program, 1 to top PAC-12 program, 1 Undecided

1. These players in our Raptor 360 training kit (close control dribbling and ball manipulation)
2. Train in our Speed of Play Kills Kit (technical: fine motor skills, speed of touch, speed of decision and tactical: speed of play systems & sequences)
3. Come to the January Bashes focused on 1v1 offense & defensive skills with pro players
4. Participate in player development research projects to help them and others get to their potential
5. Are great character-filled kids

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