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World Cup Secrets

Of the millions who play, few make it to this level.
This is a story of how a 16-year-old did it in her own words.

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Captain Elite Bashes have been great for Caleb and very different than other camps he has attended. What I find extremely valuable is not just the explanation of how to do something but more the importance of understanding why you do it. Having the mix between time on the ball and time in the classroom has been fantastic for our son. Captain Elite has motivated him to continue to strive to be the best that he can be. He always looks forward to what’s next with Captain Elite and loves attending the Bashes!
Brian & Coreen Divelbiss, parents High School Elite Boy

Captain Elite’s Law #1 ‘If it is to be, it is up to me’ has had a profound impact on Isabel. When she first started training in the ball mastery kits as a 9-year-old, it was very hard for her and she almost quit. When she attended the January 1v1 Bash MLK weekend, she met players from all over the country with the same struggles.

She now quotes ‘Failure is not an option, it is a biological necessity’ and I’m loving watching her game soar!
Stephanie Smith, parent u14 starter #1 DA team in the country, Alabama

How to master 1st touch, passing, dribbling, striking in the “Best train at home ball mastery kits” HERE

We don’t know a lot about soccer, so were unsure how to help Will achieve his dream of playing in college. He started with Captain Elite as a u15 Challenge player to become one of the most experienced players in his club at the highest team level by u17. He just attended an ID camp at a top 3 D1 program in the country and was selected as one of the camp’s 4 best players by the coaches. He would not be at that level without having mastered the ball in Captain Elite’s training programs at home.
Julie Tidwell, parent u17 elite player, Alabama

The video-based training is straightforward and direct. These are the areas you need to improve and here is how you do it.
Assess. Plan. Train. Grit.
Hard Work. Done.
James Klanke, parent u17 ACC D1 commit, Missouri

She started training in Captain Elite ball mastery kits as a u12 challenge player and within weeks, we saw a difference. Within 20 months, she climbed 5 team levels, was invited to play in Nationals with the team next year up and before the end of the tournament earned a starting spot. She’s always been a head shorter so it was her ball skills training that got her there.
Michael Travis, parent u14, North Carolina

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