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When it gets hard, don't give up... EVER!

Updated: Feb 15

You have an enormous amount of control over your personal success in soccer and in life...more than your parents, more than your coaches, and more than your teachers.

YOU have control. No excuses.

It's what you do with that control that determines everything in your life. You cannot reach your potential without taking personal responsibility (Law # 1) for your development and your future. "If it is to be, it is up to me."

That's what today's video below from Savannah, Georgia is all about PLUS...

  • Gratitude - Law # 5: We all start from different places and experiences, but in no other country on the planet will we find as much opportunity to pursue literally ANYTHING we can dream up. I am so grateful to be an American. Gratitude leads to peace of mind, attracts other positive people to you, and sets you up for a high-performance life. I'm proof of this.

  • Grit & Hard Work - Law # 4: I was raised in poverty and before 40 was racing Ferraris for fun. So many people told me I couldn't do this or couldn't do that and would never amount to anything (including my elementary school principal!). No one can hold you back without your consent. If you're working hard, being gritty, and developing skills, you can achieve nearly anything. It's that simple.

  • After a season of enormous work, a poster had 2 images - at the top, players on the ground exhausted from training, struggling to get their breath, and the first part of the quote, "I never said it was going to be easy". At the bottom were players on the ground, breathless, with confetti falling from the sky after they won a national championship, "I said it was going to be worth it." Get this into your brain!


Some of you will talk about the importance of these things but won't follow through in your soccer training. If I had one wish for those who need a dose of grit, it would be to "just do it" and see where your new soccer skills take you! Finish what you started. It's a trait that colleges look for in admissions AND that soccer coaches look for in college soccer recruiting. That's not trivial.

Our soccer training is now proven to be 519 times more effective than other soccer training that counts hours or touches on the ball. In fact, if you keep your grit up, do the training, and don't get results, you get money back. We KNOW it gets exceptional results. It's now up to YOU!

Soccer parents and coaches, THIS IS A BIG DEAL: Sticking with it when things get hard and when we want to give up is when real development occurs. Kids will never regret living up to their promises and commitments, and parents, you'll remember the day you helped make it happen for them!

Now, watch the video below to learn how the most gritty Captain Elite youth and pro players did it.

Next up...16-year-old Lily Stegall was cut from the competitive soccer teams in her club, so she started training with Captain Elite. Lily was just selected for the youth National Futsal team and will be representing the USA in Spain! Find out how she did it in our upcoming blog post.

All the best in your soccer training,

Coach Mike

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