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What to do if you're sitting on the bench or didn't make the team-How soccer players beat adversity

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

When a high school principal and her 9-year-old son decided to team up for the summer in our 10-Week High Performance dribbling course, I couldn't wait to see the results.

This recipe had all the ingredients for either a great come-back or an “I quit” ending. Miles is very young and was just cut from his team. Melissa has no soccer experience but wanted to help as all parents do. They'd received feedback that most of his technique was wrong, so he was struggling with low confidence.

This is their story. Listen how Miles and his mother, Dr. Melissa Glover, Principal at Ledford High School, tackled this challenge in a case study in personal best, hard work and grit.

Hear the two biggest lessons Miles and his mom learned together.

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Tell your soccer friends who may be looking for help.

Does your player want to play high school soccer, but is really worried about making the cut? They can still develop the skills! Start now in dribbling. The courses are only 10 weeks and training can be done almost anywhere.

Are you skeptical because you have an older player? We trained a pro player who went from 55 minutes playing time one season to 1700 minutes the next after training with us over one winter break! Your high school players are NOT too old. They only need to train 4, 1/2 hour sessions per week and this can be done before or after practice. We even train college players. It's not too late for older high school players!

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"If it is to be, it is up to me"

Coach Mike

Next up is Anson Dorrance on dealing with parent, teacher and coach criticism.


*In a study of 109 players u11-u18, our Grit score (perseverance and quality of training) had 519x more impact than just more touches or more hours like other online training programs teach.

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