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Reagan's Story: Faith, Family, Freedom

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

There are few who are called... who always volunteer, are always the first to help others, work harder, stay longer and remain with it after everyone else has called it a day. That's Reagan. The fact that she's found a passion away from soccer is all the more important to me because she carries with her the things in our soccer training that transcend sport: the 5 Laws of Player Development.

This is the story of a young student-athlete who gave up pursuing a goal in soccer for something far more important. Read Reagan's story below and then watch her short video. Listen carefully and you'll see why the values we teach our kids will transcend any sport. What we teach our children today will carry with them the rest of their lives. Faith. Family. Freedom. That's Reagan.

photo of a group of advanced soccer players
Captain Elite Group Soccer Training with Reagan pictured on bottom row far right

Hi! My name is Reagan Waggoner. I recently committed to play D1 college golf.. That’s right, golf, not soccer.

I played soccer nonstop until I was 15… I loved the game and still do. Captain Elite, for me, was one of the most impactful parts of the game. I thrived in the competitive, individualistic, and metrics-driven approach to the game. I made amazing friends from across the country and had incredible experiences, but most importantly I learned to channel my focus and drive toward my goals.

I remember my million touches challenge and countless other spreadsheets, diagrams, and competitions. Coach K and the CE community always encouraged each of us to follow our goals, stick to our principles, and reach our full potentials, all the while supporting others and prioritizing relationships.

These principles (along with the 5 Laws I still have copies of) have bled over into the rest of my life. They are vital in academics, athletics, and relationships, a reminder of responsibility, discipline, commitment, diligence, and gratitude.

Living with principle, kindness, and focus does not ensure world-defined success, but it does increase fulfillment. I have learned that success itself is a pursuit of excellence and commitment to principle, the journey rather than the destination. External recognitions or opportunities often arise, but they do not define me any more than my failures and setbacks. Rather, my success is rooted in my faith and identity, which inspires me to work hard and dream big without fear of failure and disappointment. After all, failure is not an option, it is a biological necessity. My choice is to refuse to let it define me, and instead return to my true identity: responsible, disciplined, committed, diligent, and grateful.

I am so thankful for all that I have learned from Captain Elite and how it has helped me grow as an athlete and individual. Thank you to the Keatings and the countless friends and training partners I have met along the way.

Now watch Reagan's video below about soccer, golf, and the life lessons she will carry with her forever.

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