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High School Technical Soccer Training

We recently brought out several technically skilled high school soccer players to our R&D field. They hailed from clubs and high schools throughout the Piedmont Triad and Triangle areas of North Carolina.

This is high school technical soccer training at its best shown in the video below.

Technical skills, or lack thereof, are very visible when players compete on a small field.

This kind of training is great to help players work on seeing the field better, look for that perfect pass, and take chances.

Most players are hesitant to take chances in club or high school soccer practices where making mistakes can land them on the bench (unless their coach encourages them to make mistakes in order to grow as players).

This is exactly why our R&D field is perfect for soccer technical training.

We encourage our soccer players to make mistakes and to take chances. This is truly the only way to learn and to get better.

Now enjoy watching these high school soccer players show their stuff, make some mistakes, and yes, get better.

Email me at to learn more.

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