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From being cut to being a soccer star....

Updated: May 3, 2023

How does a soccer player go from being cut to being one of the top players as a high school sophomore and making an even higher-level club soccer team?

She followed this formula. WORK...GRIT...SKILLS.

This modest young soccer player would not consider herself a star, but most people would consider what she has accomplished in a short period of time to be amazing!

Captain Elite player, Lilly Zaks, has 4 goals from 30-42 yards out in her first year playing varsity soccer! Watch her 4 goals in our video below.

Lilly trained so much in our soccer striking course that it's not surprising she scored the winning soccer goal against her team's big rival. As Lilly said to a Winston-Salem Journal reporter, "I've gone out and practiced that exact 'middle-of-the-right-side, just rip in the top left corner' and I've just practiced it and so I knew when the ball came back to me, I just knew: one touch, hit it and I knew it was going in."

high school girls soccer players celebrate their soccer win
Reynolds High School Soccer Team Celebrates 2-1 Win over Mt. Tabor after Lilly scores the winning goal from about 35 yards out with 1:55 left to play in the game

"Captain Elite has played a huge part in my daughter’s soccer journey. After not making the top team for Classic soccer when she was 12, my daughter was determined to improve. She worked through many of Captain Elite’s programs including first touch, striking, close control/dribbling, 1v1 camp and the weekend pick up sessions. After completing these programs she went on to make the top Classic team for her Club and then the Premier team. She developed the confidence and skills through Captain Elite and continues to practice the skills she learned on her own. If your child is looking to improve their game and become a leader on the field, I highly recommend the Captain Elite program."-

Kristen Zaks, Lilly's mom

Not making a soccer team was the catalyst that started Lilly's incredible journey. Watch Lilly's four soccer goals and her phenomenal transformation in our soccer video below.

WORK...GRIT...SKILLS. Train like Lilly in one of our online soccer training courses below.

Join Captain Elite's online soccer training courses and soccer camps today to begin your own personal journey to greatness!*

*Get Results or Money-Back: We have data on 1000's of players' soccer work rate, grit scores, soccer training habits and soccer skill improvement all the way to college level. We have proof on exactly what gets u10 - u19 soccer players who train in our soccer programs extraordinary results to get to college-level in as short as 10 weeks. All you need to do is follow our Master Coach and Grit formula. It predicts soccer skill improvement so well, that if you're not getting results in our 10-week soccer training courses, you'll get your money back. Just write us within the first 2 weeks.

**In a study of 109 soccer players u11-u18, our Grit score (perseverance and quality of training) had over 100X more impact than just more touches or more hours like other soccer training programs teach.

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