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A Young Champion

Making a champion takes years.

Making a US National Team takes even longer.

In this story, it took 5 years.

This soccer player's journey started as a 9-year-old but it's far from over.

Read her story and then watch her video to see how transformational training on your own can be for a soccer player!

female soccer player posing as a member of the US Youth Futsal Team
Elsa Wallway US Youth Futsal National Team

Elsa Wallway is a 14-year-old soccer player from California. She's going to Portugal this year to play for the USA Youth Futsal Team.

Elsa is not playing club soccer.

She's trained in all of the Captain Elite train-at-home programs including dribbling, 1st touch, passing, and striking since age 9. According to her dad, she still uses some of our drills in her weekly training routine.

Elsa hasn't played club soccer since January 2022. Her training is a combination of at-home training and private coaching once or twice a week.

Since she left her club, the following has happened to Elsa:

  1. She made the USYS International Futsal Team

  2. She made the Western Region ODP Team

  3. She played her first minutes against a senior Women's National Team

The Stanford head coach recently asked if she was left-footed. She is right-footed but that shows you that our striking training really helps soccer players learn to use both feet equally well.

Elsa's father is very involved in her soccer life which we like! Involved and supportive parents are often the key in the lives of very successful young athletes.

Now watch this video of Elsa training at home and then you'll see how she uses the training in a game.

Elsa is our 3rd player to get a National invitation this year. Soccer training at home really does work as these champions demonstrate.

Improve your soccer skills in as little as 2 weeks by joining one of our train-at-home soccer courses today!

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