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2 Incredible Soccer Goals & 2 Assists by a High School Sophomore

Watch this Virginia high school soccer player scoring incredible goals, taking corner kicks, and making assists. He had 2 goals and 2 assists in this game alone! He's a sophomore playing Varsity.

His dad said, "I attribute these (assists and goals) to the work he did in Captain Elite's soccer courses because he couldn't do this before. Your wall ball drills as part of the first touch and passing soccer courses clearly helped. No one realizes that kids don't just execute this in games because they are so good. It's because they practice and trained for it! Thanks!"

Putting in the time on your own with the ball is what separates you from other soccer players. It's the one thing you have complete control over. Now watch Logan in the video below making incredible plays.

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I highly recommend Captain Elite for technical skill development that kids can do on their own at home. This program teaches kids important skills that translate into games and differentiates them on the field. While it is an at-home training program, it is self-directed and combines focused practice drills with specific skill testing that allows kids to see their progress and also how they compare to others. It teaches the kids the GRIT that it takes to become good. My 16 year old started at age 12 and took all the courses over a 3 year period. I get compliments about his play all the time and what no one realizes is that he trained and practiced for what he does on the field. It's hard work but this program provides the structure that he needed at the younger age. Captain Elite soccer training works and combined with strong travel club level coaching, will absolutely improve your kids performance on the soccer field.- Jason Lavinder, parent

Read all of our reviews on our Google profile to learn what more parents think of Captain Elite Soccer Training!

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