We’re thrilled to announce that Angela Duckworth, character development expert and author of the NY Times best-selling book Grit The Power of Passion & Perseverance will be speaking at the January Bash on January 14th.

University of Pennsylvania Professor Duckworth will discuss why some people work so much harder than others and the learnable traits that lead to greater success in sports and life. She will then lead a Captain Elite panel with players from 10 years old to high school to Pro MLS player Brandt Bronico to find their source of motivation and work ethic. Open Q&A at the end. Broadcasted live Sunday, Jan 14th, 12:45PM EST

“It’s such an honor to learn from the world’s preeminent thought leader on character development. By the time players reach elite levels, 80% of their continued ascent is mental. Angela’s work at the Character Lab (www.characterlab.org) & the Behavioral Change for Good initiative (https://bcfg.wharton.upenn.edu/) is transforming lives all over the world.” Mike Keating