We’re very excited to announce that Anders Ericsson, high performance expert, architect of the 10,000 hour rule and best-selling author of Peak The New Science of Expertise will present at the January Bash on January 13th , 2018!

Florida State University Professor Ericsson discusses how you can learn from expert performers who’ve mastered their craft. Professor Ericsson will then engage a panel of Captain Elite players from 12 years old up to pro level who are in a Captain Elite research project to learn the most difficult field skill in soccer on their own, in less time, without a trainer. The results of this Captain Elite 4-month project on learning to score on free kick set pieces like famous players Ronaldo and Messi will be presented. Open Q&A at the end. Broadcasted live Saturday, Jan 13th, 2018, 12:45 PM EST

“Anders Ericsson is a giant in elite human performance. If you look at the latest research from a variety of thought-leaders, much of it refers to Anders’ work. If you get only one thing from Anders, let it be this, ‘This is a fundamental truth about any sort of practice: If you never push outside your comfort zone, you will never improve.’ Enough said.” Mike Keating