Soccer Training Camps

See leaps in your player's technical and tactical ability at our youth soccer training camps.

Join us this July for one of our soccer training camps!
June camp is now closed.

Male and female players, ages 9 to 19 (we have multiple soccer training groups)

1-4 pm June 18 and 8 am-2 pm June 19-20


3-day Soccer Camp is $299. Recommended All-Star Camp Combo is $399 for full soccer camp + a 10-week high-performance online soccer training course for college-bound players

The most important technical soccer skills, tactical skills, and character traits that all college coaches seek; translating your soccer skills into small and large-sided games; challenging soccer drills you can take home with you to keep improving after the camp 

6231 Lisa Dr, Oak Ridge, NC 27310



Hotels near Oak Ridge, NC

Ball, water, cleats, shin guards

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Our soccer training camps are more than just soccer drills

Our soccer training covers the 3 most important skills high school and college coaches seek: close control dribbling, 1st touch & passing, and striking. Then we apply these ball skills in attacking and defensive 1v1s and 4v4s, and when we play in  larger-sided game settings

ALL-STAR UPGRADE: Choose the All-Star Combo here to include 10 weeks of at-home high-performance soccer training all summer long.  Players have access to an elite training platform to reinforce and deepen the skills they learned at camp. 

Can't join us in person? Practice on your own at home with our 10-Week Competitive Online Soccer Training

Sign up for our online and in-person youth soccer training today!

Camp is Closed. Please join us in July.

Click HERE to enroll in the All-Star Combo 

(3-day camp + online training course).

A $50 discount is built into the price.


10-Week Training starts week of June 7.

Next Soccer Training Camp is in July.


Camp is now closed. Join us in July! Camp and online training options cover dribbling, 1st touch & passing, and striking

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Recommended for fastest improvement 

Learn a lot and have fun with our elite soccer trainers! 

Learn the essentials skills of soccer like dribbling and passing at our soccer training camps while getting to play with and against other quality players in high-performance game settings! To develop your ball skills further with personalized practice plans and challenging soccer drills, try our online soccer training programs

Captain Elite's All Star Combo vs. other training camp + private trainer options

  1. Cost​
    1. Other camps + personal trainers: $500-$750 in-person camps + $50-75 per hour (or $2500-$3750 over a 10-week season)

    2. Captain Elite's All-Star Combo: $399 for 2.5-day camp and 1 season of online training

  2. Effectiveness

    1. After completing one season of our training, players with high grit scores jump 1 or more skill levels, from fundamental to elite youth to college-level skills.

    2. Learn how to train on your own and translate these skills to games in our youth soccer training camps

  3. Character Development

    1. Players schedule their own time to train with our online courses, which teaches them important character traits like personal responsibility, creativity, and time management. 

Players can enroll in dribbling, 1st touch & passing, or striking courses with our online training option. If you are interested in having your player or your player's team join us, you can learn more on our Online Training page


See what parents say about our camps

Captain Elite's camps and soccer drills have been great for Caleb and very different than other development opportunities he has had. What I find extremely valuable is not just the explanation of how to do something in games, but more the importance of understanding why you do it in a game setting. Having the mix between time on the ball and time in the classroom has been fantastic for our son. 

- Brian and Coreen Divelbiss, parents of u16 male player, NC


Training camps location

Join players from Greensboro, Charlotte, Raleigh, Winston-Salem, Kernersville, Wake Forest, Statesville, Cary, Wilmington, Asheville, and other cities all over the country!


How are our training camps different from other youth soccer training?

Interactive parent-coach workshops to help you help your players gain confidence, stay motivated, and get the most out of their training

Our trainers are current and former D1-D3 college coaches who can answer your questions on what it takes to reach your best in high school and college soccer.

Our camps are co-ed, so both male and female players can play with, compete against, and learn from each other in soccer drills and game settings

Expert guest speakers have included Anson Dorrance (winningest D1 soccer coach), Angela Duckworth ("Grit"), U.S. Navy Seal team leader, Anders Ericsson ("Peak")