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General Inquiries

Training Events

Player & Parent Development Events

Players and parents are encouraged to join our National Development Events in Greensboro, NC. These players are just like you! They love the ball and love the game!

Join us at the January Bash! Jan 19-21, 2019


These training events are designed to ignite the player’s passion for the game, increase soccer intelligence in classroom sessions, & improve technical abilities and speed of play on the field. Our instructors cover a variety of subjects during classroom and field instruction including:

Defending 1v1
Pro Finishing
Attacking Rules & Techniques
Play With a Pro


Parent portions of these events are designed to educate parents in the role they need to take in a player’s soccer journey. Players and coaches have lunch together and families gather after each day for dinner or other activities.
Past topics included:

College coaches discuss Collegiate play
Setting Goals
Dealing with Adversity
Pro and D1 players discuss their journey

Last January Stefan went to the Captain Elite January Bash in Greensboro for the first time, and it changed his soccer life. He was feeling down in the dumps, struggling with confidence and losing his love for soccer. With motivation from Captain Elite, his attitude turned around and his love for the game is back. He can’t wait for the next Bash!
Susan (North Carolina)

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