Anson Dorrance, World Cup Champion coach & Winner of 22 NCAA D1 championships at UNC will do an on-stage chat with Mike Keating on mastering the ball & athletic character. Anson has published several books including The Vision of a Champion and has a wealth of knowledge he readily shares with anyone interested on how to be their best. Anson’s legacy at Carolina has been compared to the 1920’s Yankees. He will present mastering the ball and developing athletic character as decisions each of us get to make every day. Open Q&A at the end. Broadcasted live Monday, Jan 15th, 10:00 AM EST.

“The synergy in topics between these three speakers coming to the January Bash 2018 is uncanny. Master skill, master self, grow character. Anson adds over 35 years of coaching at UNC and the US National Team. He is a master storyteller and full of candor on what it takes to reach your personal best. Hold on to your hat for this chat on elite player development at the highest levels!” Mike Keating