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If your player has ever been cut from a team, overlooked by coaches, or called something like “small”, “slow”, you are not alone. We created Captain Elite to serve the 99% of players who have been told that they aren’t good enough to make it in soccer.

Join us to help your players unlock their true potential. 

Leveling the playing field


Captain Elite makes the cutting-edge research and technology of elite human performance accessible to youth soccer players and parents across the country. We believe every player, regardless of where they live or what team they play for, should have access to the highest quality training as part of their journey towards unlocking their potential as an athlete and, more importantly, a human being.

Founded on the Five Laws


Everything we do here at Captain Elite is to help players develop beyond the field, and that starts with our core philosophy. We believe that, to be successful in soccer and life, every person must take to heart these five laws:

#1 I am responsible for my development.

#2 I am extraordinary at the ordinary.

#3 I am a student of the game. 

#4 I am a hard worker. 

#5 I am thankful.

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