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Meet Annie, Age 13
Setback to Success: After being cut from her team while her friends made it, Annie heard Captain Elite's research presentation at a university camp. She enrolled in our Level 5 Academy in August, dedicated herself to learning & training and transformed herself in less than 8 months.
Watch the one-minute video to see!

Annie 13 Before & After - 8 Months Captain Elite Training

"The training has definitely had a huge impact on how I play. I am way more comfortable with the ball at my feet, and can control it with my head up. I am more satisfied with my foot skills and not tense when I get the ball anymore :)"

Annie, 13, Virginia

"The whole story is amazing.... exactly the kind of confirmation the Captain Elite program deserves. It's so powerful,  I'm going to show the video to my son's team at tomorrow's practice...very impressive."   
Bill Palladino, Asst. Coach, UNC
"I spend my time training elite players at Wake Forest and youth players. What strikes me every year at all levels in the American game is the gap in technical skill and lack of initiative. If players want to enjoy the game more, progress and play at a higher level, they need to show initiative in self training and work toward mastering the ball. What I like about the Captain Elite program is players cannot advance to higher levels without proving they mastered lower levels."   
Tony DaLuz, Head Coach Wake Forest

"Captain Elite is not about reinventing the soccer wheel. It is about building a mastery environment where the focus is on the individual player and his/her internal motivation. Each player is encouraged and directed to establish individual goals that are realistic, specific, measurable, adjustable, and to be achieved within a defined time-frame.  Mike has created for the player a learning reality based on time on task, descriptive visual feedback, and incessant positive reinforcement. Thank you Coach Mike!"
Andrea Moscetti, parent u16 ECNL, Miami

"I could go on and on regarding the Captain Elite influence... I don’t know where Annie’s soccer career will lead, but I know that she is on the most rapid development curve I have yet seen. She is also learning valuable life lessons in Captain Elite on the importance of personal responsibility, work ethic and leadership.  
Chris Martin, Annie's father

Champions are made off-season:  With steel-faced resolute in following the Captain Elite program, Jordan followed a Captain Elite's Champions Winter Training regimen and jumped up 2 levels from a first division classic team to make a U14 Academy team.  

"Captain Elite has given me the opportunity to
control my development.  My speed of play has improved greatly allowing me to play in tight spaces while under pressure and I feel more confident with the ball at my feet."             
Jordan, u14 Academy

"The improvement in my son’s level of play over the past 8 months in the Captain Elite program has been
He now has the confidence to take control of his own development and fully grasps the importance of consistently demonstrating a high work rate. 
The dedication of my son 
to become a better player has been an inspiration to me as a parent.  The accomplishment in making a 
two level team jump in a short amount of time would not have been possible without the Captain Elite program."  
John Fiorani, parent of Jordan

The Problem and the Secret Very Few Know
After 4 decades in soccer, I started to see several disturbing trends in youth sports including: 
the demise of personal responsibility
I dedicated myself to find answers that parents and players could act upon to take control of their development and their future. 
I studied adult players and partnered with several leading university programs like UNC, UVA, Wake Forest and Virginia Tech to study and analyze what elite players did in their youth.  I wanted to help re-create the joy of youth sports from decades past, and give a concrete way for players to take back control, get better faster for their teams, and help parents do it more economically than ever before. 
Here is a glimpse of what I found in my research studying elite adult players:

They trained on their own more than peers in their youth:  Over 90% spent more time training alone or with one other person than any other training method outside of club. To get to the highest levels of elite, they trained 3 to 5x the amount their peers trained on their own.  Our program tells you how much more they trained at your child's age and teaches the players how to do the training they did.

They did not start out elite:  As much as 20% were challenge level at u12.  One of our current Online Academy players went from a U12 challenge player to a U17 national team camp.  Our Online Player Academy tells you how.  

They had major setbacks:  Over 40% cited the #1 pivotal event that drove them was a major adversity like being cut from a team or a serious injury. Our Online Player Academy teaches you how to turn mistakes into immediate development opportunities and the inevitable setbacks into success. 

They had a positive community:  Over 50% cited their pivotal event, in which they knew they were on the right path, was 
an achievement supported by a positive community.  We teach the role of mistakes and struggle, and dedicate ourselves 
to being a positive force in the player's journey through sports.  See Captain Elite's 5 Laws of Player Development below. 
It is engrained in our culture. 

They prioritized development over short-term results:  While peers focused on tactics and winning games, they focused on technical development.  We teach you the adverse impact of focusing on winning at too young an age, and what you should be focused on to set your child up for success.  

The Solution - Follow our 4 Step Proven Video Based Training Plan in our Level 5 Online Academy accessible anywhere, anytime

Our 4 Step Plan is designed to help players reach for their potential using our Nationwide Online Player 
Development Academy.  We are based on 5 Laws & 5 Levels in an anywhere, anytime accessible player 
development platform to teach the player to transform their soccer & life skills. 

Step 1: We teach how to set goals & why Captain Elite's 5 Laws of Player DevelopmentTM are changing mindsets of players & parents across the USA

I am Responsible for my Development
I am Extraordinary at the Ordinary
I am a Student of the Game
I am a Hard Worker
I am Thankful

"There was a time when getting to a soccer game or practice was a parent's chore... Captain Elite changed that for my 13 year-old son.  I have seen a remarkable change in John-John's attitude and commitment.  He now (especially over the 2015 summer break) independently practices, researches techniques, and makes sure that he's prepared for his practices and games for his club team. That frees us from the burden of constantly reminding him of what he's supposed to do. In addition, we have seen his confidence and love of the ball and love of the game improve."
John Dickenson, parent U14 Academy Player

Step 2: Complete the Day 1 Technical Benchmark and receive a customized BONUS video assessment on your skills directly from one of our trainers (a $75 value included in the course). 

Step 3: Train and Graduate through 5 Levels of Progressive Difficulty
Start with the fundamentals of technical skill on day 1, and climb the levels to collegiate and pro level training.  Master the basics in level 1 and learn the fundamentals of personal responsibility.  Compete in technical competitions in Level 2 to Level 5.  Learn critical life skills in every level. Earn your spot on college showcase pages in Level 3+.  Test your skills with collegiate & pro level exercises in level 4 & level 5. 

It is not about age. It is about development.  Above is a U12 player mastering All Parts 12 juggling. She's also become excellent at her 1-2 touch passing and dribbling.  She is getting ready for Level 3.

"What I like about the Captain Elite program is players cannot advance to higher levels without proving they mastered lower levels."
 Tony da Luz, Head Coach, Wake Forest Soccer 

Step 4:  Attend a Captain Elite National Player Development Event & Connect to Like-Minded Players From Across the USA 

Our National Player Development Events are held 4 times a year to connect in person, be inspired, learn from cutting edge research, and be challenged in the latest youth training techniques.  

“That was the best weekend of soccer we've ever had” [October National Player Development Event] 
Carrie, parent of U15 ECNL player

Troy's experience (Maryland parent)

Leah's experience (Alabama parent)

Bruce's experience (Pennsylvania parent)

The Level 5 Online Academy Experience
Designed with simple "Do this, then this" instructions and a soccer specific player experience. 
The Online Player Academy has three modules to develop the player:

Technical Training for developing skills
Social Training to keep the experience fun
Classroom Training to train the mental athlete

Online Academy participants  have experienced a variety of benefits including:
  • Increased amount & speed of technical development by up to 200-300% by training as much as the average amount players train in our community
  • Increased player confidence through self-talk and increased parental freedom when they follow the program to train at home or on their own anywhere they can take a ball
  • Player / Parent mindset change promotes immediate results in areas such as belief, personal responsibility and handling mistakes and adversity. 
"Thank you, Mike! I especially love the third video because it says much more eloquently what I have tried to tell my daughter about mistakes. She is only 11 but has always excelled as an athlete and we just try to continue to feed and guide her appetite. But lately I have seen another side effect of her success... her teammates and classmates have an expectation for her to do well, and I see hints that she feels some pressure to perform rather than just to play. She has grabbed on to the statement from your video that  "Mistakes are a biological necessity" and I can feel her relaxing. Well done!"
Angela, Parent

  • Very affordable - Over 80% reduction in cost per session of technical development if they train the average number training sessions players train in our community today. 
  • Connect with players from around the country online and in our quarterly National Player Development Events in person
Thanks for preparing this quality training.  We as parents sometimes need to step back and realize that the players are the ones responsible for their own development. We do not need to be a barrier in our child's development or a reason for them losing the love for the game.  The Captain Elite program has been a huge addition to my son's training ; the courses , research, presentations, and training sessions keep amazing me!  It has been a joy to watch my son's love for the game grow . 
He loves pushing himself out of his comfort zone in training always looking to take his game to the next level.  
Can't wait to see what's coming next.   Thanks again Coach K!
Kelli Burns, Parent 14 year old son

  • As low as $40 per month (for annual enrollment which is an $84 savings over quarterly)
  • or $141 per quarter  
  • Membership also includes a customized video-based technical analysis of the player on Day 1 of their training for FREE (value of $75). This video analysis compares your players technique to the proper technique and gives them things to work on in the Level 5 Academy training. 
  • PLUS you get a 30 day money back guarantee. See Below.
  • This is a great investment to help your child love the game more and prepare for playing at a higher level at less than the cost of one family dinner per month. 
We price the course cheap to make it easy for parents to keep their kids in the program beyond the critical 3 month period. 

Over 80% of players who stay in our academy more than 3 months  make a higher quality team, play up an age level or earn more playing time. 

Double Bonus
Above, we include a $75 technical benchmark assessment for free for all new Level 5 academy players.  This is a premium service given free for players new to Captain Elite. 

We are so confident that players that follow the program get results, that we'll give you a 30 day money back guarantee if your child follows the program and you are not satisfied we delivered what we promised.  Just request your refund in writing within 30 days of registering to [email protected]  

Pay-it-Forward by inviting your friends
Why would we do that?  Well, if you believe in and committed to the 5 Laws of Player Development, your friends are likely going to be like you. they will motivate you and you will motivate them. So we want you both in our community!  Everyone wins!  The state leading in creating their own Captain Elite community is Alabama! 

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