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Leap in Confidence of a u14 player
"The benefits of her independent training, attending the Raptor Full Tilt Camp and culminating in the skills exposition in front of 1000 players this summer have been exponential in affecting her personal confidence on and off the field.
She loves Cam and the friendships she formed this summer were amazing and invaluable to her as a maturing young woman. I cannot express my gratitude  enough to you that we are so fortunate to be involved with Captain Elite. I knew you all were on to something the day I heard you speak over 2 years ago - and you can quote me on any of this you wish to! 
Amy Wyscarver, parent u14 ECNL player

Setback to Success, Meet Annie, Age 13
After being cut at a tryout, Annie joined Captain EliteTM, committed to our 5 Laws of Player Development, 
and within 8 months she totally transformed her game.   Watch Annie's homemade video below and see for yourself.

Annie 13 Before & After - 8 Months Captain Elite Training

"The training has definitely had a huge impact on how I play. I am way more comfortable with the ball at my feet, and can control it with my head up. I am more satisfied with my foot skills and not tense when I get the ball anymore :)"

Annie, 13, West Virginia
Captain EliteTM Team Argentina

"The whole story is amazing.... exactly the kind of confirmation the Captain Elite program deserves. It's so powerful,  I'm going to show the video to my son's team at tomorrow's practice and see if it has any influence on their personal training...very impressive."   
Bill Palladino, Asst. Coach, UNC

"I could go on and on regarding the Captain Elite influence... I have no idea where her soccer career will take her
but I think the Captain Elite experience is helping her beyond soccer and providing her with important life skills."

Chris Martin, Annie's father

John Sr. (Dad of u14 son) NC

Reagan Florida

John (u14) NC

Jess Maryland

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