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Freekick Training & Research

Step 1: Watch Part I Study video to see and hear why memorization and visualization will make or break your success

Step 3: Print CHECKLIST, POST IT, fill it out weekly
Print & study TRAINING PLAN to see how you're going to master this amazing skill
Striking requires a FULL team-style warm-up to reduce chance of injuries.  If fatigue sets in and your quality suffers, STOP!  


Nov 12, Dec 10, Jan 7

Step 2: Study & Take Notes on Part II Messi Free kick analysis... stare at every detail till you can teach it.  Don't cheat the team by skipping this. If you can "get it" with a binge study in 3-5 days, go for step 3! Start training after you memorize the 4 parts

PROGRESS  from 4 Research Participants 

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