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Free Kicks

BREAKING NEWS! Pro Player Joins Team and see Month 2 Progress Below 

Training go HERE 
1 minute training log every Sunday HERE

Day 1 & Monthly Assessments Follow 4 Steps Below 

Step 1:  Watch Instructions VIDEO Below for Day 1 or Monthly

Step 2:  Make your  90-100 second video in minimum 720 resolution, preferably 1080


  • Dominant Foot Only
  • Strike to a wall or to a goal
  • 10 Strikes in a row: 10 balls once or 1 ball 10 times
  • 20 Yards for Middle  School
  • 25 Yards for High School
  • No training pointers on the field other than videos
Example striking & video setup

Players & Parents Discussion 

Step 3: Load up to Google Drive or YouTube, then right click or find "share" button on uploaded video to copy link 
Step 4: Complete this form when you have the link to your monthly assessment video