Captain Elite video Based Parent AcademY

Our goal is nothing less than helping make the parent/player journey in soccer SPECTACULAR! 

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Captain Elite conducts research & shares this information with parents in our NEW Online Parent Academy. Our proprietary, research-based parent online training academy answers questions parents have to help better guide their children through youth athletics including:
  • What are the 3 Biggest Barriers to Player Success and how can I overcome them? 
  • How to help my child take personal responsibility?
  • the impact of sidelines chatter 
  • What type of adversity did elite players face & how did they deal with those challenges?
  • When and how do players know they are on the path to play at a higher level? 
  • How much and what type of training did college players do in their youth? 
  • Why do a majority of players reduce the amount they train entering high school, precisely at the point they should increase it?
  • What is the parent's role in the player-coach relationship?
The answers will surprise you!

Current High-Interest Topics

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Parental Involvement
Traits of Elite Players
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Pivotal Events
College Prep & Recruiting
Training Regimens of Elite Players
The Curse of Talent
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