University Camps

Learn how to train on your own like a champion!
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Speed of Play Killstm  Kit

Demonstrated at Camps; 4 training modules + brand new Grit Training = years of training to keep improving Speed of Play


A non-instructional, inspirational video example...
Pure fun challenge!

Example Player Stories so they know they are not alone...9 - 13 years old

Quitting: How did Isabel, a 9 year old who wanted to quit, just make one of the top 5 DA teams in the country?

Story: Small Club, Big Dreams
Not in a big club? Cut? Started too late?: This story proves you can still develop on your own and reach for your dreams!

Raptor 360 Dribblingtm Kit 

Demonstrated at camps; 5 dribbling training modules = years of training to keep them at the edge of close control dribbling


Another inspirational video to push, pull, prod them to excellence!

Grit & Belief
Story: u12 Challenge to U17 National 

Too Small: No one believed, until invited to national camps

Story: Criticism Made her Stronger
Dream Big!  Started training on her own at 11, was criticized for it, stayed the course and loving it more than ever