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According to multiple reports, including ESPN and SIFA, 
youth sports has become the predominant way American families spend time together, not to mention that the investment in soccer is overtaking all other sports. So, how can you make sure your player is developing to their fullest?


We believe that every youth has almost limitless possibilities in their development. Most of us learn to place limits on ourselves because we believe what other people tell us. "You can’t do that! You're not good enough, strong enough, fast enough, tall enough..." 
The list goes on and on. Who out there has a crystal ball to predict your future?   No one.

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We believe that every youth soccer player has an ability to take control of their destiny in sport and in life. Our research, 5 Laws of Player Development and comprehensive home-based training programs teach them in simple Step 1, 2 ,3 instruction to train like college players did at their age outside of club, at home on their own schedule.  We're the most effective training platform to help close the gap between what the clubs can provide and what the kids need to develop on their own.   College & higher level players we surveyed said that training on their own had more impact on their development than any other training outside of club practices. This is true in soccer and most other sports.
Our players leap ahead in technical, character and soccer intelligence because they have a community based platform to show them how to do it anywhere and anytime on their schedule.


  To train & inspire youth players to reach their potential in soccer & life
We do this through teaching personal mastery in three areas critical to soccer player & personal development:

1. Technical Improvement - Close control, 1st touch & passing, striking & ball manipulation, 1v1's 
2. Excellence in Character - Teach internal skills like work ethic, discipline, gratitude, integrity, self-advocacy
3. Soccer Intelligence - Teach soccer decisions like playing direct, possession, attack and defense secrets from the world's greatest

We use three ways to reach & teach players & parents:

1. Player Development Research
We help de-mystify player development by sharing research videos and papers with insights into 1000's of youth & adult players

Research Tip: Train more on your own. 
Our academy players learn the type of training, how to do it properly, how often, by age, by gender and season to emulate what elite adult players did in their youth - this is the blueprint.

2. Players learn Personal Responsibility and Training on their Own HERE
Tools to increase technical skill, player independence and help them take control of their development and their future

A10 second example of a youth in the Online Player Academy learning to dribble like Messi with 20 Cones

Example of a youth in the Online Player Academy using Ronaldo style "Hide the ball" fakes against the u17 national champs

3. National Player Development Ignition Events
In-person events to REFUEL & RECHARGE players & parents with Field Training, Video Analysis & Parent Sessions 


Have you ever wanted to have more impact on your child's development?

The secret we discovered through research on thousands of players is that it takes both the parent & the player to reach the player's full potential. Captain Elite helps youth soccer players take huge leaps to realize their potential with research-based, proven techniques that show them how to learn and train on their own--anyplace, anytime. We'll show you players who achieved noticeable results in as short as a few weeks. Some totally transformed themselves into unrecognizable players in less than 1 year. 

Captain Elite is the only research based, nationally recognized home-based Soccer training academy designed to supplement club training

We offer youth players & their parents the critical help they need for success through our 3 proven programs- the Online Player Development Academy, National Player Development Events for both players & parents, & our Online Parent Academy. Captain Elite's 3-pronged approach transforms players into independent, disciplined, confident and technically competent players.

The captain elite story

Meet Mike Keating, Founder

Did you know that sports are currently the predominant way American families spend their time together?

After four decades in soccer, with over two decades on the sidelines as a coach, trainer, parent of youth student-athletes, and researcher, it dawned on me that there is something missing. 

There are barriers parents and players are facing which prevent them from realizing their potential in the sport. There's too much frustration, too many players dropping out, and too many parents complaining. I found myself, more than once, getting caught up in the sidelines chatter and that is just not me!

So, I decided to act....

First, I did what any sane parent would do. I leveled my backyard and built a soccer field!

My belief is that if you want to learn, you must have a place to study.

Then, I invited world class adult players from Brazil to train for six weeks and studied them. I invited NCAA D1 championship players to train with the Brazilians and studied them. I connected with Olympic & World Cup players and trained with and studied them. 

I watched.  I learned...

The answers were not coming fast enough so I partnered up with several top university programs including UNC Chapel Hill, University of Virginia and Wake Forest. 

I studied the players and interviewed the coaches. I asked hundreds of questions, collected thousands of answers, and started to see a way I could help. 

I want to help players get better faster, reduce the frustration for parents, and make the parent/player journey one of the greatest they look back on; but three barriers remained that all players and parents have to address in order to reach their true potential in this sport. Get your 3 free online academy training videos by entering your info below in the purple box.