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Juniors: U10 - u14 (Sat & Sun 8-1:15, Mon 8:30-2:30)

Seniors: U15 & Up (Sat & Sun Noon-5:30, Mon 8:30-2:30)

Master 1v1's & Mental Toughness with pro players, college coaches, authors

"There are many individual battles in every game consisting of 1v1's. You have to make sure you dominate your 1v1 opponent technically, competitively and mentally in every battle. Becoming a great 1v1 attack or defensive player makes you valuable to your team. Becoming great at both makes you a highly sought after player by many teams.”  Brandt Bronico, UNCC, MLS pro player at Chicago Fire, Captain Elite extraordinaire

"1v1's are ideal to apply close control, technical defending and striking in a highly competitive environment that helps develop grit and a champion’s mindset."  Anson Dorrance, World Cup champ coach, 22 NCAA championships, UNC

"Captain Elite is an excellent development vehicle for committed youth soccer players. Captain Elite has been Caelan’s primary development tool for the past several years and he could not be happier with the results. He is excited to see what the future holds."
Patrick Smith, parent u16 male player

"Last January Stefan went to the Captain Elite January Bash in Greensboro for the first time, and it changed his soccer life. He was feeling down in the dumps, struggling with confidence and losing his love for soccer. With motivation from Captain Elite, his attitude turned around and his love for the game is back. He can’t wait for the next Bash!"
Susan Orgain, parent male u12 player

Most Camps include field training, contests, games & gear.  We bring pro players, college coaches, two world-renowned authors, & a famous World Cup champion coach to train your player to Master 1v1's and Mental Toughness!

There is simply no other event like this. 

Tips from a past Pro Player Panel

Includes 4 field training topic rotations + video analysis + parent sessions + 4 Train Insane contests & xTreme Games tournament with prizes!  

To be able to train with college level coaches, professional players, see panels with world renowned authors and have video based classroom sessions built in is unheard of in today's clinics or camps. 

No one trains like this.

You get so much more than traditional clinics or camps. We want every player who trains with us to have an, "Aha!  Now I get it" moment that can change their path. To help them do this, we have current pro players, highly experienced college trainers, numerous educational & inspirational classroom sessions, access to player development research and the most positive, upbeat, fun and energetic soccer environment you've ever experienced!

LocationGreensboro SportsPlex Indoor Training Center, 2400 16th St, Greensboro, NC 27405
Hotels: Variety of hotels along the I-40 corridor between 29 North and 68 North - HERE

Designed for challenge to elite levels

Juniors Camp:  Male & Female U10-U14 Sat & Sun 8-1:15, Mon 8:30-2

     Seniors Camp:  Male & Female U15 & Up Sat & Sun Noon-5:30, Mon 8:30-2

January Bash Training

On Field 1v1 topics rarely taught

Technical defending against better players

Proper striking & finishing

Beating players w/close control dribbling/fakes

Shielding to maintain possession

Feints to slow opponents

Pressure-cover-balance defense

"If you don't defend, you won't get on the field."

Off Field Topics

Achieving Hard Things

Improving Grit

Increasing Competitiveness

Finding your "Why" (what drives you)

Contests & Tournament

"Train Insane" skills contest

xTreme Games round-robin tournament Day 3

Newly designed backpack medals for all champs

Bonus sessions to motivate & teach mental toughness


Bonus 1: Video analysis- Learn secrets of the world's greats like Ronaldo & Messi

Bonus 2: Parent Sessions- Tips to get your child on an effective path

Big Bonus 3: Panel Sessions- World-renowned authors & coaches (see below)

Saturday Panel:  Anders Ericsson, best-selling author of Peak will present how you can learn from expert performers who've mastered their craft.  Professor Ericsson will then engage a panel of Captain Elite players from 12-17 years old who are currently in a research project to learn the most difficult skill in soccer, without a trainer. Open Q&A at the end (broadcast live).

Sunday Panel:  Angela Duckworth, best-selling author of Grit discusses the passion & perseverance of elite performers we all want our kids to have.  Professor Duckworth will then lead a Captain Elite player panel of youth & pro athletes who are struggling with challenges we all face. Open Q&A at the end (broadcast live)

Monday Panel:  Anson Dorrance, World Cup Champion coach & Winner of 22 NCAA D1 championships at UNC will do an on-stage chat with Mike Keating on competitiveness & the champion's mindset.Open Q&A at the end. 

These three sessions teach the difference between a player with great potential and a great player.

Players from around the country meet for three exciting days of inspiration, training, competitions, classroom instruction and connecting with Captain Elites from across the country. Players from challenge to national level learn the same content.  These are must attend events for those who like meeting & EXPERIENCING in person what true player development is aboutWe want the kids to learn, to train, to get better, but most of all we want them to love the journey so much that they stay with it for life!


Training: Our kids & parents have connected to families around the country from California, Connecticut, New York, West Virginia, Florida, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, Missouri, Virginia, Colorado, Utah, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, North Carolina, Alabama, New Jersey  and many other locations who share your love of the ball and love of the game.

WE GUARANTEE:  All Captain Elite training is guaranteed.  Before the end of the first day, if you're not satisifed, tell a Captain Elite staffer why.  If we can't convince you to stay, you get your money back, less the jersey.  Email us at [email protected] with questions.

Parent Testimonials

"My daughter (Fiorella),  looks forward to the January Bash every year. There are very few places that she can get the intensity level that she craves. ‎The level of like-minded players and coaches is incredible. I've yet to see a clinic as inspiring as what Mike and his crew put on. We will be moving mountains to be there in 2017, but we will definitely be there." Jim Kennedy, parent,  San Francisco, CA 

"Captain Elite has the best technical and small group training Thomas has ever had. They recharged him to love the game again."  Ed Johnson, Greensboro, parent 

“Captain Elite Bashes have been great for Caleb and are very different than other camps he has attended. What I have find extremely valuable is not just the explanation of how to do something but more the importance of understanding why you do it. Having the mix between time on the ball and time in the classroom has been fantastic for our son. Captain Elite has motivated him to continue to strive to be the best that he can be. He always looks forward to what's next with Captain Elite and loves attending the Bashes!   Brian & Coreen Divelbiss, parents Classic son

“Such a motivational program! Love the positive environment and the fun and laughter that goes along with top notch skill developing activities.”   Cindy Hoirup, Raleigh, parent

"The January Bash exceeded our expectations! The quality of players, training sessions and experience of the coaches were top notch. The classroom sessions were by far the most unique training we have ever attended." John Fiorani, Winston-Salem, parent Academy player

"I liked that my son came home happy each day. He said he felt like he put in a good, worthwhile day of training. I also appreciate the character development aspect of Captain Elite." Brian Fitzgerald, Winston-Salem, Academy parent

Only at the January Bash do players train with current professional players and learn about what they did in their youth & collegiate years.
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Refund Policy-please read carefully
Refunds requested by Dec 3, 2017 will receive a full refund less $50.   Refunds requested after Dec 3, 2017 until Jan 1, 2018  will receive a full refund less $80.  After Jan. 1, 2018 we offer credit less $80 when medical doctor's memo on injury is provided to Captain Elite before the Bash.

Questions?  [email protected] or call 336-254-1421