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Summer Skills Expo Experience

Speciality Training Camps on Skill & Leadership

Summer 2017 - Speed of Play KillsTM 

Appropriate for U13 & up male & female

1) Watch the videos  2) Read player comments at bottom  3) Choose a program 

Be a Champion

Click HERE  to Enroll  in Speed of Play Kills Kit
Look for us  February 2018 for our Summer 2018 Expo experience

Training Kit Only 

(Speed of Play Kills)

($229, 1 Time fee)

 24x7 mobile phone & PC accessible platform 

Training Kit Includes
  • GOAL ACHIEVING : Team Commitment Exercise (scroll down to see)
  • BEST PRACTICES: Two Video Tutorials & Fun Quizzes on the Secrets of Speed of Play
    • Motor Skill Development (designed for Speed of Play)
    • Speed of Touch 
    • Speed of Decision 
    • Speed of Play 
Example of a Motor Skill exercise

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FORGET Social Media! 
My Mobile Training Goes with me Everywhere!

Training Kit + 3 Day Camp

Bonus: 1/2 Day Expo at UNC


Enroll in February 2018 for next summer!

  Option 2  includes:
  • Everything in Option 1
  • 3 Day Skills & Leadership Expo Camp in Greensboro, NC .  We will sell out! 
  • Out-of-towners stay in Greensboro, NC hotels along I-40 between 29 North & 68 North. 
June 16-18  Sold Out!

July 16-18, Sold Out!

July 21-23  Sold Out!
  • Refine Skills & Rehearse Expo in-person 
  • Learn how to showcase skills with a team
  • Learn how to train a team of 20 youth players
  • 1/2 day Skills & Leadership Expo at UNC Chapel Hill to demonstrate Speed of Play skills as a team to 300-500 players and then train the campers on Speed of Play... a great social and confidence building experience! Have no fear! We demo as a team!
Mark  your Calendar in January to join us for
next summer's Expo experience.

During Orientation, players commit to
their Speed of Play Kills (SOPK) training
regimen and vote on their confidence level