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Speed of Play Kills Clinic

We taught our latest research & training techniques on the field & in classroom sessions with high school age players from 5 ECNL/Elite clubs. They learned how to reduce turnovers and increase higher value passes through improved technical and decision-making skills. Check out our Speed of Play Kills home based training course to teach players how to develop speed of play on their own. 

"Selfie" of clinic participantsRound-robin pre-gameNotebooks out for classroom session
while Phil stands guard


A few elite boys joined to increase the speed & pressure in the round-robins. Thanks guys!

See our 2017 Speed of Play Killstm Training & Skills Expo HERE

We studied and trained on:
  1. the primary causes of turnovers and how to reduce them
  2. the components and proper sequence of speed of play 
  3. how to see & create higher value passes 
  4. how to translate these skills into games to make your team better
The horses were brought in for Instaworthy photos (: 

Parent Feedback

"Having  ONE topic broken out from classroom to field multiple times was very effective. Two main things that we walked away with was LOOK-DECIDE-RECEIVE. My daughter told me flat out that is not how she has been playing. The other was when and how to move the ball forward. Both of these totally changed her thinking."

Karen Yates, parent u15 ECNL player

"Value..what parents want.  Growth & challenge...what players want.  This clinic provided both.  My daughter enjoys the challenge of playing with others who want to learn and work hard as well.  The training was so thorough, relevant and applicable.  She really enjoyed the classroom instruction with instant video analysis.  She came away with a valuable understanding of speed of play & movement which was coached both while active in the game and visually with video instruction.  Coach Keating, you go beyond the expected and provide an intense training opportunity that affirms your essential coaching points through active play and visual instruction.  And we appreciate your dedication to the game of soccer!!"

Lori Copper, parent u17 ECNL player

"My daughter really finds the Captain Elite clinics beneficial.  She loves playing with other quality players from around the state, but more importantly Mike focuses on key aspects of the game that are often missed in her club training. The recent speed of play clinic was awesome!  As a parent I appreciate the quality of coaching and the ability for Mike to create a great learning environment. Even though my daughter plays at an elite ECNL level, she always comes back with new confidence and lessons learned."

Carlton Goldthwaite, parent u16 ECNL player

"The speed of play clinic was a very valuable experience as it challenged Syd to evaluate the game in a different manner than ever before.   Having the classroom learning sessions teach the concepts, then go to the field, then reinforce back in the classroom helped her grasp concepts much quicker.   A big take home for her was when she told me how this clinic opened her eyes to the difference between her current speed of play and where she needs to be for the next level"

Adam Peele, parent u14 ECNL player

“Thanks for all you do. Victoria and Avery always learn something new. Victoria felt that she learned the importance of levels of passing and splitting defense to expedite counterattack, importance of quick first 1-2 touches, and playing to and receiving on the leading foot to increase speed of second touch, and trying to anticipate passing zones before she gets the ball on counterattack. I really think they seem to get more from your training than anywhere else.” 

Will McGuirt, parent of u15 Elite Classic & U15 ECNL players

“Everyone knows speed of play is important but discussing the theory behind what it is and what ​you can actually do to improve ​your speed of play is invaluable. My daughter left the clinic charged up with a clear idea of how to develop her speed of play and the impact it will have. Knowledge + skills = success!”

Marise Fernandes, parent u18 ECNL player

"My daughter simply loves to train at Captain Elite clinics. The Speed of Play clinic helped her learn to decide when to hold the ball and when it needs to be played quickly. Teaching her to look and make decisions earlier will really change her game. The ability to play quickly, under pressure, while reducing turnovers is already helping her game."

Foster Forbes, parent u15 Elite player

See our 2017 Speed of Play Killstm Training & Skills Expo HERE