From Live Broadcast games Sunday, Nov 5th, 4:10PM ET (Team intros at 4:05)
To watch any segment:  Skip to the "video time" that matches the game you want to see

Girls/Mixed Game 1
Girls/Mixed Game 2

Girls/Mixed Game 3

Boys Game 1
Boys Game 2

Boys Game 3

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You may text live requests to 336-255-4445 during a game (like seeing a player in a different position). We'll accommodate as we can.
Mike Keating, CEO, Captain Elite
  • Join by clicking on the stadium play button 1 minute before the time you want to join. Refresh screen if not playing.
  • Format: Outdoor 5v5 + 2 GK, full goals... high number touches for all players in short periods
  • Playing Demands: 1) technique & decision-making under pressure, 2) competitiveness, 3) creativity, 4) agility
  • Interested in a player? You may contact them directly if invited by them, or email [email protected] If there is something specific you'd like to see during the games, text Mike Keating before or during the games at 336-255-4445.  We'll do our best to adapt. 
IF... you have tech difficulties joining, the players will follow-up to be sure you see their games