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Live Showcase Schedule & Rosters Posted Below

See All Upcoming Live Sessions on this page:   Peek into our January National Event in Greensboro
January 13th 12:45PM ET: Anders Ericsson Author of Peak, Research on Short-Term Development 
January 14th 12:45PM ET: Angela Duckworth  Author of Grit, Sustaining Long-Term Development 
January 15th 8:30AM ET: 5v5+GK Showcases, Uncommitted, ACC/PAC-12 Commits, Juniors
January 15th 10:00AM ET: Anson Dorrance on Competitiveness, Character & Ball Mastery 

Angela Duckworth, Live at Captain Elite, 12:45PM ET, Jan 14th
 (Showcase Games below)

Anson Dorrance, UNC & World Cup Champ Coach, Live at Captain Elite
10:00AM ET, Jan 15th

Showcase Games, Live at Captain Elite
8:30AM - 9:40AM ET, Jan 15th
(schedule & rosters below)
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November Live Broadcast College Showcase HERE (ECNL, DA, Elite players)