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Train Insane - Win GoPro

Win a GoPro2 or a Train Insane Gold Medal, FREE by making a video and entering it HERE by Midnight January 6th! EXTENDED
Create your own masterpiece of skill, creativity and videography!
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4 finalists win Train Insane Gold Backpack Medals (one male & 1 female u10-u14 & u15 & up age groups). The all-around Champion wins my first GoPro 2 with underwater housing.

Increase your chances to win Enter your best Train Insane Alone and best Train Insane Partner with any partner you want... TIP: Entries wearing CE gear get extra points. 

Use your phone and free editing software like iMovie to make your videos epic! Looking for skill, creativity, cool video techniques, training in unusual places, humor, serious, etc.  

Make your video, upload to YouTube or Google Drive, copy the link and 
Enter your videos HERE

  1. Contest closes midnight January 6th, so make your best over the holidays!
  2. Winners must be present at the January 13-15 Bash or have a friend at the Bash accept on their behalf
  3. All entries may be used in Captain Elite training or marketing programs in whole or in part
  4. GoPro2 giveaway is predicated on at least 20 entries. If there are not enough entries, the GoPro2 contest will remain open until at least 20 are received