Train on Your Own Kits 
(24x7, video-based training)

Players that started in our train on your own kits in 2014 are now committing to programs like UVA, UNC, SoCal, V Tech, Wake and other great D1, D2, D3 universities! 

Comprehensive, start anytime, train anywhere, includes years of training,  priced between $97 (Lite) to $229 (xTreme)

Speed of Play Kills Training - Go HERE
Master Tech & Mental skills to play faster 
Designed for u12 to collegiate

Raptor 360 Training  - Go  HERE 
Learn to shred any defender
Designed for u10 to collegiate

Level 5 Ball Mastery Training - Go  HERE 
Broad based training on all technical skills
Designed for u10 to u16

Juniors Strivers Close Control - COMING SOON How to help the littlest ones get ahead at home. Go HERE to see a 7.5 year old.
Designed for parents training their 6-10 yr olds

Rapid Skill Development Training - Available today only for Jan Bash players... See to the right for open enrollment COMING
Based on research on rapid skill acquisition with Anders Ericsson in 2017-2018
Training Events (camps, leadership expos)

January 13-15 1v1 Bash HERE (fait accompli)

Train to Kill It at Summer & ID Camps (NEW!)
Train in advance to show better anywhere you plan to go this summer. Showing well takes deliberate, purposeful practice.

Our newest Rapid Skill Development methodology will help get you get there, faster; $109 for 4 months regular pace or 2 months intensive pace training on your own.

Topic 1: 1st Touch & Passing
Topic 2: Close Control Dribbling
Topic 3: Striking & Ball Manipulation

4 Month Regular Pace Training (Opens Feb 15)
Be Camp/ID Ready by July 1
Enroll Feb 15 - Feb 28th; Training Mar 1-Jun 30
Be Ready by Aug 1
Enroll Feb 15 - Mar 30th; Training Apr 1-Jul 30

2 Month Intensive Pace Training (Opens Feb 15)
Be Camp/ID Ready by Jun 1
Enroll Feb 15 - Mar 30th; Training Apr 1-May 30

Be Camp/ID Ready by July 1
Enroll Feb 15 - April 30th; Training May 1-Jun 30 

Summer Skills & Leadership Expo Experience 
(TBC in February)
June 19-21,   July 5-6,  July 15-17,  July 19-21

Players enrolled in any of the above 2 or 4 month programs may be invited to an in-person summer micro-camp focused on technical excellence & excellence in character. These are invitation only and limited to 12-16 players per camp. On the final day, those who prepared well in advance will be asked to participate in an optional skills & leadership expo to help inspire 400 to 2000 youth peers from around the world.